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Kit Darko @kit_darko

A massive study just published in Science has underlined just how huge the environmental impact of meat/dairy consumption is. Going is far and away the single biggest thing we can do to help the environment - it fights , , , , , and more.

18% of global calories, but 83% of land usage. If we want to feed everyone, this tremendously bad land management and capitalist profit prioritisation needs to change.

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@kit_darko It so disturbing how hard it is for some people to wrap their heads around this concept. I often tell people that I'm mostly vegan for political reasons as meat is extremely inefficient and they just don't understand it.

Such a simple concept: what is more efficient: grow A, feed A to B for N months, then eat B or grow A and eat A.

The inefficiency of meat industry is just madness inducing really.

I'm not going to go vegan to save the environment. However, I DO support killing off beef/dairy subsidies.


@starbreaker Even cutting down makes some impact.

@pertho As it is I eat beef maybe once a month. I tend to use turkey or pork when a recipe calls for meat. I've been working on reducing meat intake not because I give a fuck about the environment, but to save money.