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In light of I'm bailing on this instance. I'd really appreciate a follow over at @kitdarko

@treblesketch We did fight them damned hard to stop all those bloody dams. The Gordon Dam is an incredible feat of engineering if you ever get to see it though.

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It's horrifying to see the LNP feel completely comfortable with criticising progressive taxation.

They've already destroyed wage growth and de-fanged the country's unions with the help of Murdoch and Fairfax, is this next?

We need to keep putting pressure on the ALP from the left. Support your local greens branch, and join your union.

#AusPol #EatTheRich #KillTheRich

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Yo, we _need_ diversity. It's that simple. We cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect thing to change.

We need women, LGBTI, Black, Brown, Native folks in the game because we need their ideas to push the community and culture forward. We need to make our spaces _more_ appealing to them because we need them. We need their insight, knowledge and experience to find solutions that elude dominant culture.

Diversity isn't a bullet point. It's literally life.

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I think it's good people are talking about the differences in platforms and all that, but the blind side I see over and over again from white people no matter how they align politically is that they assume their experience is the baseline. And it isn't.

If you are white, you simply do not have the same experiences as non-white people online. If you're a dude, you are not a target like women are.

A common failing is that white people tend to assume interactions are uniform.

This is false.

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Get this in your head, free software isn't free if people can't use it. Lower the bars to adoption, help your community to install, or acquire services, don't just shame them for being unable to use Free Software. Bare lists of software that exists aren't nearly enough.

We already know there are shackles, we already know that keys to those shackles are somewhere else.

Instead, help people to navigate the complexity and difficulty of freeing themselves.

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Yet again, bipartisan support for overreaching censorship and police-state style nationalism.

The ALP honestly expect us to think they're progressive when they're in lock-step on "national security"?

“Yes, they're making lists of people interested in this
And they're scanning all their data bases, hunting terrorists.

Yes they're making lists but maybe they're the terrorists.”

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Masto friends I think I need a lawnmower.
God I hate grass, I wish I could wipe this and plant a garden entirely composed of wildflowers, herbs, maybe oilseeds. Or heck, more fruit bushes.
We only kept the grass "for the kids" but fully half of those two kids have been incapacitated by hayfever for months.
Did you know lawns were originally invented as ostentatious displays of wealth? Only a landowner with peasants to scythe lawns for them could have lawns. Grass is oligarchy! Kill grass!

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@jaklumen @switchingsocial I think that I would take them at their word - if they say it's not for novice users, I wouldn't suggest their use by novice users.

I've no skin in any of these btw; I use Arch and love it.

@maloki Aaah, cool.

With all of this I realised there's no reason not to just swap to a different AP-compliant server.

Good chance to ditch Ruby for something sensible.

@maloki is there a new repo for all of this yet, or is it still in the higher-level planning stage?