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FFS can people stop putting all community information on goddamned facebook??!

After repeal the 8th it looked like things were on the up, but... A man running for US congress is openly calling for women to be classed as property, and for men to be legally allowed to inflict horrific violence on women and children.
It seems like 4chan really isn't a joke because these views are a clone of the incel right-wing views there.

Surely this should be legally classed as hate speech, and this man should be gaoled instead of running for office.

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A massive study just published in Science has underlined just how huge the environmental impact of meat/dairy consumption is. Going is far and away the single biggest thing we can do to help the environment - it fights , , , , , and more.

18% of global calories, but 83% of land usage. If we want to feed everyone, this tremendously bad land management and capitalist profit prioritisation needs to change.

What's the chance that bullshit like this from the states will actually result in "western" countries waging war against each other?

I realise we've been waging war-by-proxy with powerful nations for quite some time, but the US pulling shit like this is terrifying.

It's very important to move to a bank that has committed to going

Even better if it's a co-op like

"ANZ, CommBank, Westpac and NAB banks have provided direct project finance for 17 new fossil fuel projects since making commitments to the Paris target.

“Over their lifetimes, these projects are expected to enable 4.9bn tonnes of CO2, enough to cancel out Australia’s emissions reduction target more than five times over,” the report says."

Government by lot, similar to jury duty?

This is quite an interesting take on societies with less inherent bias towards those that already hold power.

I don't doubt that we'd still be in a plutocracy, with the rich simply shifting tact to target those chosen for office, and the "experts" chosen by the rich to inform them, but still...

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@gc If this happens I think they will try to buy the biggest instances, pour money and developers into making the user experience - particularly on mobile - as slick as possible and then add ActivityPub extensions which make it incompatible with other instances. After enough time had passed they would then drop support for ActivityPub and OStatus.

That's pretty much how web 2.0 pushed out the earlier federated groupware systems.

Ways to work against this are:
* Make it easy to block bad instances
* Discourage very large instances with thousands of users, which will be the most attractive for colonization.
* Promote general awareness of the kinds of tactics which have been used in the past against federated systems
* Encourage users to value community above convenience. Colonizers will try to dazzle users with convenience and shiny/trendy features.
* Create a lot of noise if there is any company trying to subvert open protocols with their own extensions.
* Make it easy for users to switch instances, aka "nomadic identity" so that they can "vote with their feet" if an instance starts adopting bad policies. The difficulty of moving from one instance to another is definitely something which colonizers will try to exploit.
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I'm finally back on GNU/Linux at work. It's like a breath of fresh air.

I forgot how much nicer it is than macOS. Never again.

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#justfollowingorders is also a tag line in Germany, where people are being deported left and right, sometimes to countries they have no connection to. Don’t let this be our future. Fight to stop it.

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Interactive Map Shows the Seizure of Over 1.5 Billion Acres of Native American Land Between 1776 and 1887

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Because of #GDPR, USA Today decided to run a separate version of their website for EU users, which has all the tracking scripts and ads removed. The site seemed very fast, so I did a performance audit. How fast the internet could be without all the junk!
5.2MB → 500KB

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Video Games Are Boring

I’m really glad I read this article. For a while now I’ve been feeling pretty bad about video games, and started to wonder if I still liked them. This article pointed out why and made me feel a lot better!

I hope I can make games that are interesting, positive and caring. ♥

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I'm often at the receiving end of angst about the business model funding .

They do need to FUND the underlying web engines & . Mozillians argue about implementations behind the scenes more than you do here. Why do you think we have such strong participation guidelines?

Go for a fork that resonates if you need. Waterfox, IceFox, there's loads! FOSS FTW!!

But consider donating to Mozilla and help support the only TRUE alternative to Google's "Blink" and Apple's "WebKit".

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Blink web engine's Google employ over 40,000 staff in 70 offices with an annual turnover of almost 110 Billion USD.

WebKit web engine's Apple employ almost 125,000 staff with annuals of ~230 Billion USD.

Gecko/Servo's Mozilla employ ~1,200 mostly remote staff with annuals of ~500 Million.

It's a sad day for Australian politics.

Lee Rhiannon has been one of the only , voices in the parliament, one of the only voices to stand up against oppression, when even her Greens colleagues sat silent.

It is really disappointing that in the push for mainstream acceptability, centrists like Di Natale have sidelined ideals.

I hope we socialist members/volunteers can still push the party to strive for justice.