Achievement unlocked: get stuck.

Achievement unlocked: get unstuck.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous I wasn’t gonna get that second one.

In hindsight I should have taken some pictures of the predicament :)

Does make me wish I’d gone over and tagged the old riverside bridge in LA before they tore it down like I considered. I think one of the best canvasses is a building or structure about to be demolished. A great way to send it off.

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2 weeks in Chile (with a few days in Valparaiso) gave me a new appreciation for street art, including tagging.

With so much new construction happening in Portland there are places that are super squeaky clean. Graffiti brings that shit back down to reality.

I still think some things should be left unmarked, but stuff like bike racks, backs of street signs, trash cans, etc are fair game. I wish more billboards would get fucked up good, too.

That thing where you watch your bus roll by and alternate bus is 6 minutes out but an 8 minute walk so you just plunk yourself down and wait the 15 minutes for the next bus.

Worst part of Invisalign so far is catching my lip between my upper teeth and one of the sharp ass bumps on my lower teeth when eating. And then it just gets shredded more by the bump directly. Tldr fuck these bumps

Protip: when someone from an opressed group (e.g. POC, immigrants, women, etc) complain about something a privileged group tends to do (white, non-immigrants, cis men, etc), if you are from the privileged group, there's no need for you to comment assuring that you don't do these things. There's also no need to comment "lol yeah we're horrible aren't we" on a serious post about terrifying opression. It makes you seem defensive and like you're not taking opression seriously.

If you don't do those things? Congratulations! You don't get a medal, that's a bare minimum. If you do those things? Quietly improve and maybe boost the post that made you realise that you did wrong.

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal if you're privileged but it gets tiring when half the replies on a serious post about opression are joke replies by the privileged group.

Btw I am convinced that Malibu is 40% rehab facilities.

And that’s actually totally fine. What a great place to go to rehab.

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Unrelated: new piercing:

I have had the tragus for a long time. The helix I lost the jewelry for years ago but apparently it was still open so they just slipped some new jewelry in. The conch is new and will eventually be a captured bead hoop. Just a stud now for easier healing.

Just dropped a great friend off at rehab. Despite that literally being the reason I flew down here last week the final drop off felt so anti climactic.

I can not describe just how goddam happy I am right now though. It’s been a hell of a long weekend and now I get to chill.

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Like even if you wanted to have some to do on the plane or something why wouldn’t you flush that shit 20 minutes before landing or something. The brains on these people.

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drugs mentioned 

I travel internationally a fair amount and love trashy tv and like throwing shade so I watch these pirated customs tv reality shows on YouTube.

This dude got busted with 2 grams of cocaine. Why the FUCK would you cross an international border with 2 grams of cocaine. 2 kilos, I understand. 2 grams I have no idea. I bought a skateboard the other day and this is my vision of life a year from now

For my New Years resolution this year I’m going to try to stick to my New Years resolution.

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