I've set up a website, I've added stuff to my Patreon and I've added another short backstory to Medium. Hello.. I'm trying to get into the writing game, but I also wish to be able to feed myself.

on another note, I'm making big plans about going back to school to finish my high school degree. I will have my Estonian grades compared and made into German grades this week (I hope) :coolcat:

@kitkat You may have set two conflicting goals -- writing and feeding yourself. What kind of writing are you doing? If fiction, know that the average person in the US who identifies as a fiction writer on the federal income tax form only makes less than $5,000/year from writing. If nonfiction, the best strategy is to develop some knowledge/credentials in an area of general interest such as AI or medical research, and sell coverage of that area.

@BertL I am well aware that it's a uphill battle, and that any writing that comes from my heart might never make a mark.
I don't live in the US, and I have many languages at my disposal ;). I've done a lot of research and I'm trying to set myself up for freelancing, contacting a gazillion publications, and expecting a lot of rejection. I'm not wearing the rose-colored glasses, and know it's going to be rough road.

@BertL BUT, for more context. I'm not looking to _just_ write and put my work out there waiting with starry eyed. but I'm also planning the systems behind it, and all the due diligence you would need to do at any job.
not expecting to be just floating around and _hoping_ that things go well :D

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