@ me if I know you and you're a gay space lesbian who wants to roam, kill, and do crimes in space.

* Gay Crime Team is recruiting *

Finally have an iOS client so I should be on mastodon more. o//

I just realized I can repost all of my great historical Bird Space jokes in a fresh context. Get ready for stale toots made fresh

I think I may get very professional on my public The Bird Website Space, and migrate all my shitposting

It seems like this social network will get a great sampling of nerds and queers so HMU queer nerds

Damn, my jokes are already so enabled by this longer toot format. I am so sold

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Through the darkness of future past
The witch longs to see

One chance out between two worlds:

Fire... toot with me

Also how about this amazing character limit. Oh my gosh there's so much room for activities

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The fact that mastodon uses the word toot by default makes me happier than a tooting mastodon


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