the capitalists, who seek profit, will not find it profitable to make their production ecologically sustainable

only by bringing production under the command of the people (who seek to crush profit, exploitation) can we bring human society into equilibrium with nature

Let's talk land:

Private ownership of land is a huge barrier to equality.

The high cost of land forces the working poor to toil:

They have to either buy land or pay rent--i.e. they HAVE to work.

Private property ensures a steady supply of wage slaves.

And so, it's got to go.

How do we attract more ppl to our movement?

1. Propaganda--creating & disseminating.

2. We act as ambassadors--meaning we are all leftist representatives; and we should act like it.

3. Direct action--making positive impacts within the community.

4. Inclusion: welcoming all regardless of race, gender, religion, etc.

5. Being cool motherfuckers.

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