Zim it up! Another Christmas present for you all: it is now possible to convert almost any website to the Zim format.

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1. Enter the target website URL
2. Enter an email address

Let the servers do some heavy lifting (usually a couple of hours, also depends on request queue)

3. Receive a download link and off you go!

Current limitations are set to 1,000 pages as we keep looking for edge cases and want to prevent people from asking us to download P*rnhub for them.

But feel free to reach out with a legitimate need and we will work something out.

Last but not least: at this stage only Kiwix-android and Kiwix-Serve can read the newly-minted zim files. Other platforms will roll out gradually across 2021.

And finally, thanks to the Foundation for the that made it possible!

@kiwix This is so cool !!

It remembers me of something I started a few years back and abandonned due to a lack of time (

Where can I find the sources? Thanks!

@kiwix I'm very happy this project found its way. congrats to the team!

@almet Yes! like you see our idea has finally been implemented - with the strong support of the Mozilla Foundation. We even have a freemium offer at Still work to do to increase the support of these Service-worker based ZIM files. See

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