Technically true.

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A photo of Tim-Berners Lee. Text above the image: "The most under-stated job description of all time"
Text in the lower left: "Tim Berners-Lee
Web Developer"


"No, no, you don't understand. He's not a webSITE developer, he developed The WEB..." 😅

@kiwix Accurate perception of the public regarding this well established honored person: dork.

@kiwix Random tech company HR manager: "Look! A 67 years old guy has just sent us his CV. He is still a web developer! Not a tech lead, not a principal or senior manager... And he is so shameless to apply for a job."

And the shame is that we can't afford to hire him

@kiwix Reverse perspective: Without him, there would be neither self-proclaimed "social media," search engines nor so many DHL drivers. Life could be so much better.

(No serious comment ;-) He is a great inventor)

@kiwix Maybe thats right, but what I see is:

He accepted DRM into HTML5-Standart. And he had the incidence of "WWW" as "WoldWideWeb" as a MarketingCoup.

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