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"What makes an image NSFW, according to Yahoo[/Tumblr]?"


(CW: synthetic pseudo-nudity)

USB 3.0 should be just 3.0
USB 3.1 Gen 1? Fxxk you

Some Korean named service used "md5(incremental number)" as access token..

OMG I have to set this option to prevent to set my posts' language as EO because of recent patch.
(Related with CLD's problem)

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I published an example html to reveal what's inside on tootdon's indexing server.

Try searching "qdon.space". Then you'll find toots which are over 30 days old. Yes, lied.


And they said "You can search the latest toots for 30 days, and those older than 30 days will be automatically deleted from the server."
Then why this toot published on Jan 1 is still searchable??
@tootdon Did you worked correctly?

said "we excluded your instance.", But existing toots are still searchable on tootdon.

Funny thing about tos
At 9-13:
"Do not decompile, Reverse engineering, or something"
me: 😂 😮 nooo, I'll do it. Absolutely.

Every "OAuth token"????
How mad it is... I couldn't imagine this

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@tinker basically, it communicates with a server hosted in the US, where it sends at least:

- every public toot seen by the app
- every OAuth token of its users

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OK, so communicates with this server: api.tootdon.ooo

This server is hosted in the USA(!!!)

There are several endpoints: /api/v1/instances gives a paginated list of instances, and seems to be the *only* one that doesn't require authentication.

There's also /api/v1/statuses and /api/v1/users. Not sure how authentication to this API works yet...

By the way, it also appears to be tied with this company: mobirocket.com/

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what are to use mastodon? i’ve just read that is archiving toots

so i’d like an alternative

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