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"It runs Doom" is the new Turing Complete.

The older I get and the younger I was, the more of a paranoid cryptonerd I am/was.

When I was a teenager, I attached my PGP key to every email.

Then I grew up, got a real job and a gmail account and resolved to enjoy life.

In a couple years, I'll be 40 and I find myself thinking about how to encrypt all the things.

This is exactly the kind of sign I want from my internet cafes.

When I'm on holiday and don't have to work.

@Tusky when I add multiple photos to a post, it creates 3 links but all are 404s. Any debug info I can provide?

Arrived last night in City. It's a refreshing change of climate from hot and humid Puerto Vallarta.

Reading the recent history of Guatemala, I was like, "hey a foreign power interfered in our elections to install a right wing monster too!"

Currently traveling to Guatemala City from Puerto Vallarta. Antigua Guatemala Monday.

Current status: airport beers.

Dear Developing World. This is how a plumbing trap works. Please install them.

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Dear Midwesterners, why do you call tuna, "tuna fish"?

Do you also eat chicken bird sandwiches and cow mammal burgers?


They accidentally wrote code that accidentally transmits your location every time you sent a message on Facebook . The accident happened in multiple programming languages, on multiple platforms, and the location data was accidentally included in Messenger's protocol.

Probably a typo. I accidentally write highly precise code all the time, usually when I'm just trying to hash a string.

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“Secure Messaging App Signal Launches ‘The Signal Foundation’ With $50 Million Investment From WhatsApp Co-Founder Brian Acton”

This is my dog's reaction to everything that happens in life.

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A botched update to #Linux npm software, which is used by sysadmins and developers, renders Linux computers inoperable, neccesitating a reinstall of the OS

The people who think there's "not enough evidence" for climate change are the same people who are convinced that the Florida shooting is a "deep state" hoax.

Don't be too sure that facts and reason will overcome bullshit.

is really fantastic for small teams.

It is kind of amazing how fast I can setup a full continuous integration, staging/production pipeline all integrated with webhooks from git.

I know PaaS is limiting and amateur hour or whatever, but man, it's a time-saver.

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idea: instead of using an extension to add the "view image" back to google image search results, just use duckduckgo instead

Cat owners praise their cats by saying they're like dogs.

Dog owners also praise their pets by saying they're like dogs.