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Currently hacking ( -> transpiler) into .js so I can code my Vue components without having to directly fuck with JavaScript.

"Efail" is a vulnerability in HTML email, not PGP.

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PGP/GPG users: Keep Calm and Disable HTML Rendering. It's a good idea to protect you from other kinds of tracking (images in HTML e-mails). Short-term mitigation steps for "Efail" vulnerability:

Fuck everything about this.

Bad news bears: may be losing its Domain Fronting circumvention.

With my wife going to the Middle East this summer, I'll want to stay in touch with her. I hope Signal figures this out.

It occurs to me that during the time The has been on the air, I've gone from about Bart's age to about Homer's age.

The problem with being a full-time traveler is that, basically, I have no friends to hang out with on a slow Sunday afternoon. Or, basically, ever. problems.

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Step 1: Open restaurant selling unhealthy food.

Step 2: Reduce portion sizes, maintain prices.

Step 3: Advertise reduced fat and calories, but same great taste.

18.04: Install Wayland. Do it and at least see what you're missing, especially in terms of fractional scaling.

Any Denver/Boulderites should probably reconsider whether their local newspapers are news or PR machines for hedge funds.

Someone recommended "The Good Parts" to me.

This is what I found when I searched it.

The calendar method of birth control.

It works for millions of Catholics and their billions and billions of kids.

Carl Kasell died. NPR -- and the answering machines of us listeners -- will never be the same. RIP. :(

All I want is to write my Chrome extension in Python.

Step 1: Cut drink size in half.
Step 2: Put up sign, "Happy hour all day 2x1 drinks."
Step 3: Congrats, you're a bar in tourist Mexico.

This article is pretty close to home. After 2016, my wife and I decided not to come home any time soon. At first we thought we'd settle in Canada, and we qualified for residency, but then we'd get double-taxed as US citizens with my LLC in the 'States.

So we've been traveling ever since, mostly around Latin America.

I really miss my dog, who is living with family. Sometimes being an expat sucks.