I'm going to take the new features in 3.8 as proof that the language is now and has been for a while, FEATURE COMPLETE.

Is there anything like .com except not 90% absolute knockoff garbage shipped by people who need to pee?

Thinking of spending a while in (the country) for a few months. :)

Idea: Bluetooth toilet that mutes your phone's mic when you flush.

Updated my project, TemplateMail, with SMTP support. You can send emails using templates like you'd render a page. github.com/kkinder/templatemai

a stray street sucks. You care for them, get them healthy, play with them, love them, and once you've bonded with them, you have to let them go.

You'll be missed, Pepita.

-- It's a great place to visit. I decided I thought I'd start posting more random travel photos here to try to migrate away from .

Do you send in using ? Check out github.com/kkinder/templatemai -- a little project of mine that uses to send out emails.

Electron App (n)

A high-memory, high-CPU utilizing app that doesn't work with any native desktop integrations or accessibility features.

Current Location: Oaxaca City, Mexico. :) I sure do love Mexico!

Coming up on 2 years, it never ceases to amaze me how kind everyday Mexicans are.

I've really been enjoying , but I'm a little troubled by the fact that so many Gnome apps look like shit in it. I mean even like Glade, which presumably, a lot of Elementary developers would want to use.

Hello Mastodon friends!

If you can, and if this is relevant for your nationality, consider voting in this November's United States midterm election. Many states offer early voting and expats may be able to cast ballots electronically. Double check online to make sure your vote will be counted -- I already have personally.

Thank you for listening.


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