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... well ok, I guess in most of Europe, they were more like us.

Travel to South America. Everyone was SO FRIENDLY.

Went to Canada. Everyone was SO FRIENDLY.

Went to Africa. Everyone was SO FRIENDLY.

I think maybe it's not that Canadians/Africans/South Americans are friendly; maybe us Americans are just a little cold.

In Chile there's a Peruvian restaurant on every corner. I have never seen a Chilean restaurant anywhere in Peru.

There's a reason for that.

While I'm at it, here's a pic I took of , at night last week.

Sure do love high altitude Latin America.

Latin American soccer (futbol) announcers get their jobs by demonstrating how long they can scream GOOOOAAAALLL without taking a breath.

So pretty much every Latin American city has a Cerro San Cristóbal.

Seriously, ? No alcohol on election day, not even on a plane or in my hotel? After a full day of travel, I want a cocktail!

(Is there a way around this??)

's admin seriously doesn't differentiate between read and write permissions. I'm not making this up.

This Saturday I head to , . Any recommendations while I'm there? My interests are everyday culture of locals, / , walking tours, and .

Mexico: where there's a pharmacy on every corner, but most only have Viagra and Xanax.

Sometimes during the frequent power outages in Mexico, it doesn't go away entirely, it just suddenly drops to 44 volts.

I just wish my UPS would ramp that back up for me. :o

It's almost as if was some kind of for-profit business all along.

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@kkinder Expect funny side-effects :-).

ISO-8601 xD

Kind of interesting. Google Translate doesn't just translate the language, it translates the date from international to US format.

What's a "military grade" cell phone case?

Is it one your partner thought was unnecessary but you insisted on buying three of anyway?

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