Holed up in when an ambulance shows up at my smallish building in full hazmat. A little unnerving.

Testing this out as an alternative to any cloud-based storage for my data. AES encryption, brute force protection, duress code. 👍🔐

My favorite two of . I see them every time I'm in old town. One has three legs, but infinite spirit.

a stray street sucks. You care for them, get them healthy, play with them, love them, and once you've bonded with them, you have to let them go.

You'll be missed, Pepita.

-- It's a great place to visit. I decided I thought I'd start posting more random travel photos here to try to migrate away from .

While I'm at it, here's a pic I took of , at night last week.

Sure do love high altitude Latin America.

Kind of interesting. Google Translate doesn't just translate the language, it translates the date from international to US format.

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