@kaniini I don't think anyone seriously believes there are no unintended side effects. But you still answered your own question.

@kaniini you answered that yourself if you remove the "suspicion quotes."

On the plus side, I don't worry about where to charge my phone mid-day.

Holed up in when an ambulance shows up at my smallish building in full hazmat. A little unnerving.

At some point in the coming months, organizations are going to realize their employees got way more done under work from home .

@sirikon @felix@radical.town could be a bug, but I'd wager his WinRAR (or whatever) is infected.

@retdoc In Russia getting drunk and playing with guns (real ones) is a national passtime, not a criminal offense.


Testing this out as an alternative to any cloud-based storage for my data. AES encryption, brute force protection, duress code. πŸ‘πŸ”

@fribbledom Ah, I see you also run a few dozen instances of Chromium because "app."

My favorite two of . I see them every time I'm in old town. One has three legs, but infinite spirit.

I'm going to take the new features in 3.8 as proof that the language is now and has been for a while, FEATURE COMPLETE.

Is there anything like .com except not 90% absolute knockoff garbage shipped by people who need to pee?

Thinking of spending a while in (the country) for a few months. :)

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