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Current Location: Oaxaca City, Mexico. :) I sure do love Mexico!

Coming up on 2 years, it never ceases to amaze me how kind everyday Mexicans are.

I've really been enjoying , but I'm a little troubled by the fact that so many Gnome apps look like shit in it. I mean even like Glade, which presumably, a lot of Elementary developers would want to use.

Hello Mastodon friends!

If you can, and if this is relevant for your nationality, consider voting in this November's United States midterm election. Many states offer early voting and expats may be able to cast ballots electronically. Double check online to make sure your vote will be counted -- I already have personally.

Thank you for listening.


Ask Mastodon: I'm sick of 's horrible accessibility features and lack of mobile support. What UI framework do you recommend that isn't "material" or trying to be mobile-only? I'm open to commercially licensed ones.

: Where they run the air conditioning at half strength to save money, then leave the doors open, never insulate buildings, and have single pane glass.

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is great until you need a serialization layer on top of your serialization layer for dates.

There's this weird meme going pedantic circles claiming that "north America has no native buffalo" and that the American buffalo is actually a bison.

That's as stupid as saying, "Actually, a 'chip' is a thick slice of potato, deep fried."

Go to and look up buffalo. Across the pond, the definition might be different, but that just makes it different, not wrong. North American bison are buffalo, and to argue otherwise is the worst kind of pedantry: *wrong* pedantry. Stop it.

... well ok, I guess in most of Europe, they were more like us.

Travel to South America. Everyone was SO FRIENDLY.

Went to Canada. Everyone was SO FRIENDLY.

Went to Africa. Everyone was SO FRIENDLY.

I think maybe it's not that Canadians/Africans/South Americans are friendly; maybe us Americans are just a little cold.

In Chile there's a Peruvian restaurant on every corner. I have never seen a Chilean restaurant anywhere in Peru.

There's a reason for that.

While I'm at it, here's a pic I took of , at night last week.

Sure do love high altitude Latin America.

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