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The problem with being a full-time traveler is that, basically, I have no friends to hang out with on a slow Sunday afternoon. Or, basically, ever. problems.

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Step 1: Open restaurant selling unhealthy food.

Step 2: Reduce portion sizes, maintain prices.

Step 3: Advertise reduced fat and calories, but same great taste.

18.04: Install Wayland. Do it and at least see what you're missing, especially in terms of fractional scaling.

Someone recommended "The Good Parts" to me.

This is what I found when I searched it.

The calendar method of birth control.

It works for millions of Catholics and their billions and billions of kids.

Carl Kasell died. NPR -- and the answering machines of us listeners -- will never be the same. RIP. :(

All I want is to write my Chrome extension in Python.

Step 1: Cut drink size in half.
Step 2: Put up sign, "Happy hour all day 2x1 drinks."
Step 3: Congrats, you're a bar in tourist Mexico.

This article is pretty close to home. After 2016, my wife and I decided not to come home any time soon. At first we thought we'd settle in Canada, and we qualified for residency, but then we'd get double-taxed as US citizens with my LLC in the 'States.

So we've been traveling ever since, mostly around Latin America.

I really miss my dog, who is living with family. Sometimes being an expat sucks.

Mastodon is cool for a public feed. But I've been thinking about how to things like party photos privately.

I think what you'd want is to (public key-style) to your friends each post, such that your friends can see it using their private keys.

Federated or not, anything that stores private communication needs to be end-to-end encrypted, and really, non-public social media posts are private communication.

You have one USB drive sent to Mexico and Amazon starts sending you emails in Spanish.

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By accepting that giants like Facebook are the only ones who can be "responsible" for your data, we are unwittingly hard-wiring the existence of our present-day social media giants into the infrastructure of society.

One of the creators of the X Window System on why it wasn't secure from the beginning:

Hint: It wasn't like no one thought of it.

When I signed up for Gmail in 2004, I used my invite to get the username kkinder. It's my go-to.

"BUT KEN! You just leaked your email address!!1 ZOMG NO!"

Karen Kinder, Kevin Kinder, and literally dozens of other Kinders treat my email address as (their) public information, so the cat is out of the bag and has been for a long time.

The interesting thing is, I am also noticing that their inability to remember their actual email address has resulted in advertisers being very confused about me.

From and to Management Engine and corporate censorship to unpunished consumer data leaks, I'm finding it a real struggle to maintain any optimism about the Internet and computers.

Wondering where "View Image" went on Image Search? Images sued them to have it removed.

So, consider carefully where you buy your stock photos in the future.

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