I just bought a brand new, high-end MBP. I've never bought a house or a car, so I think this might be the biggest single physical purchase I've ever made. O.o

Paying nearly $5k for a laptop seems kinda ridiculous, even if it _is_ the most-used physical item in my life. I could probably get an equivalent thinkpad or something and throw linux on it for 1.5k. Just think what I could do with a spare 3.5k!

Well, spend it on Apple products, if I'm honest.

@kkuchta Same here. My maxed out MBP "15 is the most expensive thing that I ever bought. But money worth spent back in 2012 - because I still use it! Typing on it right now.

@Autotote Treasure that thing if it's working for you! I upgraded from a 2014 MBP and I'm not a fan of the key feel, the giant trackpad, the touch bar... definitely feels like a downgrade in everything but the specs.

@kkuchta I hear you: using a 2017:ish MBP once a week at work - took a long time to get used with it. Always ending up resting my hands on the laaarge trackpad. And it's a must to disable the "SIRI-Button" on the touchbar.

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