Hey- anyone looking for an engineer in san francisco (or remote)? I'm getting back to the US next week so I'm kicking off the job search now.

I'm a software engineer in san francisco with a bunch of assorted rails/js experience at startups over the last 8 years. Pretty open to new things this time: new roles, new languages, new company sizes, etc.

- Good teams
- Different tech problems from previous experience
- Products I respect


I've worked on frontend JS in production with a number of frameworks as the fashions have changed over the years: Jquery, then Backbone, then Angular, then React. I've written a fair deal of Rails as well (I got to speak at Rubyconf last year). I was also responsible for our AWS infrastructure + Docker stuff for the last few years (because, of course, everyone wears a lot of hats when you're at an early startup).

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