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Had to sign up for Kaggle to download a dataset for class. Found it really weird how they used check-boxes for radio buttons...

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@Divert Since I guess you use some Debian base system:

apt-key del AD0592FE47F0DF61

or apt-key del E019645248E8F4A1

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How do you get rid of these keys and get the new ones?

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Looks like the #GitHub "abuse" team "cleaned out" the #matrixnotorg account and "cleaned up" the #Matrix.org #security issues..

Good web.archive.org exists.

GitHub, you #failed.

Bigger concern: can we rely on Federal training programs to make this energy workforce effective?

I got the idea from this out-of-context quote to research this further --
"Though training programs are a great idea, we should acknowledge that we’re historically very bad at it"

Source: yang2020.com/what-is-ubi/

He only cites two studies. Would love to see more research on training programs weaknesses and how we can make them stronger.

#2020 -- 100% clean energy in 2030 is a terrific goal... so is net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Why the Federal jobs guarantee, though? Put one way:

“The idea that thousands of administrations across the country will be able to usefully employ random flows of labor with random sets of skills in random durations is fairly implausible,” argues Bruenig.

Source: vox.com/energy-and-environment

Calculator? Background data on for you too? 6.65 kB used? Who are you phoning home to?? I have never felt so betrayed.

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This started as a joke. I told @ella_kane that when I reassembled electronics, I took the "extra parts" that are invariably left over and framed them.

So here are a couple of bits from my now deceased phone. An old deactivated nano-SIM card, and the annoying plastic latch that broke off the video connector. They're hanging on the door in the lab.

I bought a whole pack of those little cardboard frames, so I'll be putting up more bits and pieces as they catch my eye.

There is an economics of thought in mediums of discourse like research communities or web forums. When you find yourself disagreeing with what all the journals are saying or what people tend to write in comments, you may be onto something.

I don't get how 'kitsch' can have the 'denial of shit' definition yet also somehow refer to art that is cheaply made, low-brow, and a mass produced imitation of pre industrial aesthetics.

Can someone explain what these definitions have to do with each other?

Lastly... think of the proposed scenario in which this article claims AI will lead to job growth: increased production of a thing leading to everyone needing more of it.

Sounds to me like addiction.

Increased production capabilities from AI are just one of many factors which could cause the supply curve to shift to the right.

If elasticity of demand stays constant despite productivity growth, AI (and other growth factors) boost jobs. Otherwise they take jobs.

"Over time, however, the ongoing productivity gains present in the textile industry drove down the price of cloth until consumer demand had become satiated. As demand became relatively inelastic, further price declines and income growth only generated anaemic increases in consumption..."

Apparently the story is not really about AI. Really, it's that the stability of demand elasticity is a hidden variable which simple models (like the article's) fail to account for.

What goods / services have high elasticity of demand? Commodities which are easily replaceable by similar commodities. For example canola oil is easily replaceable by soybean oil.

Trying to unpack this statement: "If demand for a particular good or service is highly elastic and AI does not completely automate the production of that good or service, then technical change would create jobs rather destroy them."


How many companies would be affected by the Accountable Capitalism Act? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accoun Targets companies with >$1 billion in tax receipts. Let's see if there is a .gov site which allows querying on this criterion.

Discovered Opentoonz, FOSS animation program which runs in Linux morevnaproject.org/opentoonz/

kiwix.org/ is cool but I'd like the option to host and connect my own archives for example using

And how about some decentralized public repos?

URL abuse, dark pattern 

Search through your video responses later, never lose a video again?

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