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RT Yode: Now more than ever before, we all need find the courage to share our stories. Here’s mine.

Please, not another @rustlang web framework ... oh, it is a metal band, all good 😂

QT BlazingRust: Wow, we're finally on Twitter! Who would have ever knew?!

RT sarahas_san: 🎙️Hallooo, neue Folge ist raus🎙️
Gesellschaften verändern sich ständig - aber warum eigentlich reagiert unser Schulsystem nicht darauf?
Darüber und viel mehr spreche ich in der neuesten Folge mit der Journalistin und ehemaligen Lehrerin @MelisaErkurt

RT MalcolmOhanwe: People of Color ist nicht politisch korrekt für Schwarz. Schwarze sind Schwarz.

oh yes @drud DDEV is so good ... we need to test with the domain locally and that is just a one line setting in that all developers get via git

rustc: Some Err cannot be shared between threads safely
me: hm, how to fix?
rustc: <generic wall of text>
me: yolo, I will just convert this Err to a string
rustc: what?
me: what?
rustc: compiled! cc @rustlang @Aaronepower

@e0ipso processing gigabytes of XML which PHP can't do. But also mastodon-twitter-sync, my pet project

RT Nandi_Bushell: Today I learnt about music. This song is called ‘Anarchy in the UK’ by the Sex Pistols. Anything goes with PUNK! We made this British Flag shirt because I am and so are the @afropunk

RT spiantado: The ideas in the @Harpers letter were destroyed on Twitter yesterday. Here's a thread/meta-thread.

Rust is not only a pretty good programming language, it is also the openly LGBTIQA and communist elements in the community that draw me in. And the fact that right wingers hate it.

QT steveklabnik: just another day being me on the internet

RT SimpsonsQOTD: “Mom, I know your intentions are good, but aren't the Police the protective force that maintains the status quo for the wealthy elite? Don't you think we ought to attack the roots of social problems instead of jamming people into overcrowded prisons?”

module for 4.0-beta1 released! Contains a password reset data producer 🔐and bug fixes. Thanks @radoslavterezka ! This is the first beta release and we don't expect big changes before 4.0.

So many nice coding standards and docs improvements in the dev version of Features 7.x-2.x. Help me convince the maintainers to get a release out! cc @brain4lunch

RT MargaretAtwood: Some science here: "When Sex and Gender Collide." Biology doesn't deal in sealed Either/Or compartments.
We're all part of a flowing Bell curve. Respect that! Rejoice in Nature's infinite variety!

RT soandsos: So, uh, I haven't been really afraid to say anything on the Internet ever, but I'm really scared about how this is going to be perceived.

But I though it was worth talking about my experience at C1 and how it, unequivocally, fucked me up.

Twitter Sync 1.5.0 released - new feature to only sync posts that have a hashtag or string in them 🔍#⃣ thanks @greg_harvey for contributing!

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