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If Russia had Rasputin, does the US have Raspotus? Are they actually the same person?

What is the greatest tourist attraction in Germany? This one. Very German. youtu.be/R669l5CA1YA

is the rising star among and a worthy replacement for Google+ and Facebook. Meet me here: mewe.com/i/klemens.s

"Engineered with privacy-by-design, MeWe turns the table on Facebook and other social media companies with a revolutionary service that emphasizes privacy and social sharing where people can be their true, uncensored selves. No Ads. No Spyware. No BS. MeWe members are and enjoy the protection of MeWe’s2"


Christsein im dritten Jahrtausend
In Wien versammeln sich 5.000 Jugendliche rund um den Stephansdom, um die "Herbsttage" zu begehen. Wissen diese jungen Menschen, was es bedeutet, im dritten Jahrtausend Christ zu sein? tvthek.orf.at/profile/Orientie

Wien im Livestream - die Deutschsprachige jugendliche Missionskonferenz
Schau dir "Herbsttage Overflow 2018 Wien | Live" auf YouTube an - youtu.be/1hfOD5n8eu8

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web, it was intended for everyone. But the web has shifted from its original promise - and it’s time to make a change.

Twidere = Twitter + Mastodon + more
Are you using Twitter and would like to try Mastodon, the distributed, federated social network that forms a Federation of People, an interconnected and decentralized network of independently operated servers, the social network of the future: No ads and no corporate surveillance?
Then use Twidere to post to Twitter and Mastodon at the same time! play.google.com/store/apps/det also see github.com/TwidereProject

Decentralized blogging will be a major part of the new social web
Plume is a 100% client-side blogging platform, built using Solid standards including ActivityPub. You can host the application on any web server.

Welcome to the Federation!
The Federation refers to a global social network composed of nodes that talk to each other. Each of them is an installation of software which supports one of the federated social web protocols. No space ships though.

Dies ist mein erster Tweet, der zugleich auch ein Tooth ist.
Entdecke Mastodon!


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