@plsburydoughboy Richard Dawkins demonstrates that the failure mode of "provocative" is "edgy smeglord".

Almon Strowger is best known for inventing the first deployed automatic telephone exchange in the late 1800s, but his main business was as an undertaker. He invented the exchange because he believed that a local manual-exchange operator, married to one of his competitors, was redirecting calls from his potential customers to her husband instead.

The net neutrality issue goes back a long, long time.

Can everybody keep a secret???

I am in the fitness protection program. I am hiding from fitness.

Anyone else catch wind of this? Apparently the GPL has been ruled enforceable as a contract in a US court. The case isn't fully settled, but there's at least a precedent of enforceability in some respect.

Pretty big news, if you ask me.


1. fill pot
2. turn off burner
3. place pot in freezer
4. wait for ice to form
5. replace pot back to burner
6. ...

My housemate put a pot of water on to boil and left it and it's almost completely boiled down/evaporated what should I do?
1. Add more water
2. Turn it down
3. Both

I just sat on the shitter without pulling my pants down and it was the weirdest sensation

CDs scare birds because they have good enough vision to see all the pits and troughs and theyre smart enough to decode a ISO 9660 filesystem on-the-fly (literally)

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Remember, "pizza" is plural. The singular is "pizzum".

current status: thinking about all-sloth remakes of famous silent films

mafiadon™ a mastodon instance for the mafia

discuss your drug deals and territory disputes

launder your money quickly and efficiently

demand protection money with PMs (Protection Messages)


How is it that in TYOOL 2017, with SSDs and multi core multi gigahertz CPUS, that @windows still takes aeons and multiple reboots to update?

I love all the Die Hard movies!

Die Hard
Die Hard 2: The Quickening and the Deadening
Die Hard In A Fire
Fall Off A Cliff And Die Hard
Die Hard From The Zombie Flu
I Know How You Died Last Summer
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Who Kicked Over A Hornet's Nest And Died Hard
Die Hard (2009)
Netflix Presents Marvel's Agents of D.I.E.H.A.R.D.
John Hard
The Demise of the Hard (h/t @andyAstruc )

"the delimiter can be any character that's not a comma" they said, "we just don't want XML, we want a character delimited file"

Gentlemen, I present to you: the toilet emoji-delimited file.
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