linux in a nutshell 

YOU: god this sucks, linux always breaks for no reason
ME: have you tried debian
YOU: yeah but it was like, boring
ME: yes. operating systems probably should be boring.

linux in a nutshell 

@diodelass @drwho I have tried Debian. It broke for no reason. 😩 (Specifically, after a month or two it decided not to do any updates anymore, which is what always happens to me with Linux).

linux in a nutshell 

@klintron @diodelass What were you running it on?

@drwho An Asus laptop. I think, IIRC, a repo broke and blocked all other updates even after I removed it from every text file I could find. Has happened to me every time I try to use Linux on anything. Last Time was Debian rolling circa 2015.


@drwho Pretty common on Ubuntu and Mint anyway. Maybe it’s an APT thing? I dunno.

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