Today we got 6 newly-hatched chicks. Tonight we tucked the under the hen who's been broody and sitting on golf balls for the last 4 weeks. We've never done this before! Hopefully she accepts them and starts to care for them.

It's am interesting experience, rooting into the void. I rarely make my own posts on birdsite we have a community name for FB here? Anyway, I primarily use them to communicate with my friends, and listen to people whose opinions I value, but I don't really know anyone here yet, so I don't find myself using it much. It's nice to shout my life into the void, but I think. Need to get better at it.

It mostly feels like the only reaction could be "cool story, bro" the way I do it now.

Been busy lately, but good. Working on a woodworking project (putting a finish on that picnic tray I made a month ago) and a sewing project right now, with more woodworking stuff lined up after that.

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doing a quick poll, boost if u agree with the thing i'm heavily implying is the right option (thus propagating my opinion further), fav if your opinion is wrong

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me: I haven't created my character yet, but if you had to guess, what do you think I'd go with? alignment, race, class

oh goodness.
Dwarfish bard.
Chaotic Neutral.

holy shit
that's exactly it
what the shit
get out of my brain, man
… am I that fucking predictable?

Didn't end up tilling the yard today, but I used the time to cut and sand the lumber for 2 of the 6 planter beds I'm making to go in the yard.

Tomorrow morning I'll stain the wood and rent a tiller (now that I've researched which one to get). If I have time and energy I'll also try to get the PVC laid for the irrigation.

Made myself a rack for my orbital sander and sandpaper! It's based off of this instructable, but I included a tall rack on one side to keep large sheets of sandpaper, as well. I also ended up making the shelves adjustable with pins.

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Oh man! I just found out empirically that it's not prohibitively difficult to swap the internals of my keyboard's Cherry MX Brown keyswitches with those of greens.

The browns have been bugging me ever since I got this keyboard, but I otherwise *love* the keyboard. I'm excited to be able to swap them for different switches!

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I encountered Paul Sellers' YouTube channel today. I think I'll be spending some time here.

Ramping up on projects here soon! Just bought the lumber and PVC for my raised garden beds and have nearly finished a shelf for my orbital sander. This weekend is probably tilling and trenching in preparation for the irrigation and planter beds.

I'm so glad that we can finally invest in making our yard match our desires for it. it's very exciting to see it come together.

okay, I don't know if it's Tusky or my phone but something in this stack is *really bad* at getting photos to be the proper orientation. >.<

HR played musical chairs with the office layout this week, so I took the opportunity to reorganize the board games that people have brought in. We have. A lot of board games.

Ahh, the Git Submodule Two-Step. I was wondering when I would again dance to your discordant melody.

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The California coast is so lush this spring. It's wonderful to have had rain again finally.

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