@kmicu We got smiling face with tear before we got CC licences in unicode...

@Lofenyy well, priorities! We already have copyleft symbol 🄯 so nothing more is needed [SMILING FACE WITH TEAR]

@kmicu Haha the copyleft symbol showed up as an empty box on my screen...

@Lofenyy [Jokin’] You must be a pesky BSD user then xD Get off my lawn! ✊

On a serious note—that symbol is also a recent addition so please update your fonts e.g. Symbola† has a nice coverage and is regularly updated.

† users.teilar.gr/~g1951d/

@kmicu Waitaminute. I just realized I'm on my cell phone, so I can't update my OS like I can on my laptop or desktop haha. Sadness ensues...

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