Now repeat after me:

There's only one true Linux distribution and nix is it's package manager!

#nixos #linux

@musicmatze I would agree, but I haven't tried #guix yet, and from where I stand it looks like a reasonable alternative

@musicmatze @Naughtylus I admire your trust, but trust without verification can be misleading†.


“unfreeRedistributableFirmware […] Note: we currently consider these "free".

There’s is more.

@kmicu @Naughtylus if you don't comply with this, you can always filter packages with your custom made license filter function.

I don't care whether you use the real nix distribution or a fork of it,... I prefer the real deal for myself because it actually is a bigger distribution! If something else works for you, fine!

I just never want to go back to stateful linux distributions... just too much pain! 😄

@musicmatze @Naughtylus I’m using NixOS and Guix System plus Debian on a MIPS SBCs.

I get why first two are amazing but hey, they also don’t care about MIPS. So there’s no ‘one true distro’ in my case but only picking the best tool for the job; Nix/Guix are not always an obvious choice for lower spec computing.

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