MY THERAPIST: plants aren't sentient and can't be rude to you.


@rhiaro Is that a screenshot from a new Star Trek movie cuz it looks like a shadow of Spock on Vulcan.

This is how my wakeboard workouts looked like in the first half of the summer. 🤙

How do you spend your spare time? How often do you leave your computing environment?

Last night was a history for me an my family. This what we are passing today we have a very strong strom with a heavy wind and rain which carried the our house roof!!!.

Today's thrift store find: vintage Stahly "Live Blade" vibrating safety razor. After winding the base the razor vibrates for about 3 mins. These were made between the `40s and early `70s. Date code B stamped on head, guessing this is a later model as the head feels like aluminum.

I built a garden box from a section of fence the neighbor had discarded. I think cedar, but may be pine.

I've got it planted now with early potatoes (first time planting potatoes) and will probably add some sugar snap peas once the nights warm up in the next few days.

I think I'm still low on garden space. Not much room for the broccoli and lettuces I want to plant.

@MadestMadness hi, let’s get some info: what’s in ‘lpc status’? Is your user in ‘lp’ group?

once I get home I grab my battery charger and head back out on my lil bike. it's actually a really beautiful drive along the waterfront thru a wooded area; honestly quite peaceful. I plug in the charger but it's only capable of putting out 750ma so I ask the attendant if I can leave it there. it's charging right now, and I'm planning on going to try to start it again in a few hours.

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@randomdent it depends what is on that page. If it misleads then sure we have a valid case. If it’s sole subdomain name with unrelated content then there’s nothing to enforce. Tho big corporation can DoS us in court anyway. So the latter case isn’t enforceable but there’s still a risk of years‑long legal battle.

@abcdw hi, is there an opt‑in for *enforcing* read only home “store”?

Our most complex made with - the Octa-Core ARM board IMX8 Quad Max is completely routed! 2xCortex-A72 1.6Ghz, 4xCortex-A53 1.2Ghz 2x Cortex-M4, 64-bit LPDDR4, HDMI IN/OUT, 2x CSI camera, up to 4 HD displays! -40+125C

As a former beekeeper, I'll never not share something like this:

"Honey bee behaviours within the hive"

At the bottom it includes 18 videos of bee behavior in cutaway cells. It's super fascinating! (Also it's CC licensed, so share neat bee facts!)

Maple syruping going well this year. Just a single tap to keep from getting overwhelmed on the boiling side, but already on the second batch.

I'm still trying to figure out the easiest way to filter the finished syrup in a small home setting like this.

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