What are all these memes about mastodon crumbling what did I miss

I’m still tired but I couldn’t go back to sleep when I woke up so now I have just been awake for the last few hours with nothing to do

I saw a funny tumblr post and tried showing it to my bird who cannot read

I didn’t get hurt or anything but I just walked out forgetting that there’s like a ton of cars driving fast

If you’re curious just how tired I am, my mom asked me to take something to the trash while we’re in line at a drive thru and so I said “k” and I walked out into the busy traffic of a Chic fil a parking lot without thinking

Yee haw I’m almost home I’m so fuckign tired I almost fell asleep in the car like 3 times the only thing keeping me awake is listening to music so loudly that it’s giving me headache

Thank god I have music with me because I am So Sick of seeing snow and trees for literally miles

I’ve been listening to the same Don Broco song for an hour thinking it’ll wake me up , it hasn’t

Time for being without internet for a few hours cause we’re in the middle of literally no where

I got one bag of m&ms for the road trip meanwhile my mom got skittles, 4 things of tic tacs, a snickers bar and a sucker

Yeehaw been in the car for an hour and a half and we are still only halfway there

The one day I have to wake up early I can’t fall asleep and I get like maybe 3 hours total of sleep 😎😎😎

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