I've nearly finished filing the backlog of sundry receipts, letters, and papers that has haunted my kitchen countertop for far too long.

Finally defeated the 7-foot-high bushes the previous homeowner planted in the middle of our small backyard!

If you have to ever dig up a tree or really big bush, here is what I learned worked best and cheapest: a folding pruning saw, a large bypass lopper, a 72-inch San Angelo bar, a pick/mattock, a mill file to sharpen the bar and mattock, and a two-by-four to lay down as a leverage point. And, if you're a DB developer like me, band-aids and vaseline, for later.

I had a dream last night wherein I had nose boogers that I could not dislodge and had to attend some event at which they would be visible.

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Took a break from social media for the last few months. I didn't like how I was hunting attention from it, in a way that was not helpful to me. I think I can approach it differently with some reframing.

Does anyone have any potassium sorbate or mixed tocopherols I could borrow?

The Uppity Grammar Awards are a real "Who's Whom" of the snobby literary elite.

Rewatching Home Movies.

Melissa: Jason, stop picking your nose!
Jason: Melissa, I'm not *picking* it, I'm *pulling things out of it*.

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holy shit.


"The ssh-decorator package from Python pip had an obvious backdoor"

sends host + username + password to an external website

Also reptiles actively hate everyone and the only thing they want is to eat and bask and mate

Birds as pets are kind of terrifying. They don't really want anything to do with people. But they attach to people too. So then they get all jerky and mean and aggressive. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN MY LIFE

Maybe it's time to rewatch Home Movies again.. got a Coach McGuirk deficiency.

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The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon #gephi #dataviz

When your skills are good, trust in them. As they grow, you will see the next-level problems in your work; it can feel like you're actually getting worse.

But this is a sign of your growing skills, not your deficiencies; when you began, these "new" problems were either dwarfed and hidden by larger issues, or invisible to your unformed senses.

When you find new, deeper problems, reward yourself for having gotten good enough to see them. You will learn again and find more, so make it joyful.

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Nearly time to start migrating my gmail accounts out I think. I have to keep one for Android still, so that might complicate things.

Once you get the hang of eating brown rice with chopsticks, you feel as though all accomplishments are within reach!!

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