um, , i guess.

I'm wasi - 39 - cishet - she/her - Muslim - hijabi - semi-geek, fully bibliophile. also x-phile.

work: part-time, therapist at small refugee org, part-time photographer. also board of inclusive mosque initiative.
Do some bits with Against Borders for Children too

not work: enjoy music (listening, singing, playing), stand-up comedy, theatre, films/cinema and art stuff

I like people a lot. except for when i really don't. i love my cat all the time.

@knox Welcome to Mastodon! I'm excited to follow you. :)

Thanks, Dien. I'm still working it all out. Nice to be here, though.

@knox Which genres and musical bands do you most enjoy?

@knox Had to look up ABC since I'm an American, but very, VERY cool!! Nice to meet you :D

@MoMartin - Thanks, Mordecai - I don't mind if you do. You seem pretty neat yourself, and I really like your name.

@knox hahah, thanks! It was my grandfather’s, and before him, it was the name of a great Jewish hero. I hope your day is going well! Any big plans?

@MoMartin - cool!
day is going well - still at work, but that's not a bad thing. no big plans. how about you?

@knox on my way back home after a lovely weekend with my family. It was a birthday party for my nephews, who are 1 and 3, so that was adorable. Today is gonna be about catching up on some missed sleep

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