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important: if i reply to someone or boost someone's post, and they do something stupid, do not blame me for this. i don't want to analyze every person's profile.

also if i reply to your post and you have no idea how i found you: federated timeline, probably

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i'll try to post a little more often now to satisfy your need for random tech toots.

to my followers: sorry for the inactivity recently, i was just lazy/working on postmarketOS

i miiiight make a video about the laptop i did this on.

source: i did it once. it was ok until i tried getting cs:go for benchmarking, removed 3dmark and it fit just fine

fun fact: dualbooting on a 120gb ssd works but is kind of a bad idea

kind of

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I also have an Airbox 2 (proper name: Altacel Onetouch Y855V) and the login credentials are:

login: root
password: oelinux123

this one actually has an sd card slot, so I'll try to put some stuff on it (the previously mentioned D-Link only had a non-working curl, no sd card slot (despite sd card config sites existing(!)) and about 300kb of free internal memory. an sd card slot opens up a lot of possibilities

UPDATE: in a moment of brilliance I googled "y858 reset" and, lo and behold, turns out i just had to hold the power and wps button at once for a few seconds

looks like it's working again

update 4: rubber band 4 broke, despite being stronger than the others

on my birthday (April 20) I'll probably make new accounts for most things. new e-mail, new Twitter account (again), new discord account... i'll keep my Mastodon account tho

this is interesting:
the end of a Polish tv channel's broadcast day. instead of the usual test card patterns you'd expect they aired... interactive games.

comes with a free privacy policy generator. who reads privacy policies anyways?

modding open-source software designed not to spy on its users to collect as much user data as possible

forgot to update on this: turns out the recovery isn't included in the rom, so I could safely resize the partitions.

sadly, for some reason, the system partition is read only.

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