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from now on, i'll reffer to most computers i talk about by their hostnames, which is usually knuxify-series for example knuxify-travelmate or knuxify-latitude.

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very late post

hi, I'm knuxify. i'm a guy who likes , and all sorts of 2001-2011 tech. i like:
- writing small scripts
- attempting to put linux on things
- building android
- most things linux-related
- drawing (rarely)
- listening to future funk and lofi hiphop
- old laptops
on this account you'll find posts about some of those things.

since some people might want to know this, i'm a cis hetero guy (pronouns he/him) but i won't kill you if you mistakenly say she/her

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important: if i reply to someone or boost someone's post, and they do something stupid, do not blame me for this. i don't want to analyze every person's profile.

also if i reply to your post and you have no idea how i found you: federated timeline, probably

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i just unfollowed myself on my ebooks bot and need to figure out how to follow myself back even though my account is moved

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ah yes, it is the perfect time to remind everyone that I Moved Accounts:tm:

become part of the revolution follow me on @knuxify

friendly reminder that i have moved to @knuxify so if you don't follow me there yet, uhh, please do

remember that thread i made last night when i decided to move instances


about that... please follow @knuxify

this may be one of the fastest decisions i've taken about instances, maybe faster than the time i switched from mastodon.(something) to .social

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i probably should've decided on this when i was less tired but you know what, fuck it

so my new account will beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE:

*insert reply from new account or something*

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and i sure as hell am not setting up mastodon, i'll try pleroma instead

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honestly i'd make my own instance but i'm away from home and don't have access to a server
even then, that would probably be more of an experimental server

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