this one seems a lot more friendly than android building. currently in the initial port setup

well, the initial process was easy. however, I just stumbled upon my first problem which I can't find a solution for on the official pages:
ERROR: Command failed (native) % cd /home/pmos/build; busybox su pmos -c HOME=/home/pmos abuild unpack

found the problem!
"ERROR: linux-samsung-lt01wifi: Number of sha512sums(5) does not correspond to number of sources(4)".

i believe the checksum thing has something to do with me removing one of the patches (as outlined in the guide). either way, commenting out the checksum lines at the bottom of APKBUILD and rerunning pmbootstrap checksums seemed to fix it

alright, time to build!
or at least wait until it errors out so that we can make some patches:tm:, which according to the main porting guide might be necessary. yay!

found an error with lzma (unrecognized option 9), after a quick grep I found out that I have to add xz to makedepend (according to another APKBUILD)

and the install is done, too!
note to self: default credentials are user password. of course, if I want to use it, I'll change it

ok, this is the part where i realize i might have to do everything all over again.

I accidentally set the flashing mode to fastboot instead of odin.

exported the flashable zip, since it didn't want to sideload (as in twrp did not want to load the adb sideload). tried flashing it manually, but it throws me an error and no log

now, the main problem is: there is no internal keyboard. and no, before you ask, usb otg doesn't work either. neither does bluetooth or wifi.
but it boots, and the screen is working, so I consider this a success so far.

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@knuxfanwin8 i have no idea how to operate building but it sounds like the command failed at unpacking

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