i tried making tortilla chips at 2am and I Fucked Them Up So Much Its Unreal

every mixer on amazon ive found so far is single output channel and i dont wanna buy a fucking massive profesh audio desk with input grouping just so my ps4 and pc audio come out a pair of £60 bookshelf speakers wtf

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Sometimes I Wish I Didn't Focus On Lights And Video When I Worked Gigs Because I Have Next To No Audio Experience And Have No Fucking Clue How To Set Up A Mulitple Input And Output Mixing Setup

does my hair feel better for having got rid of my dead ends that have been bleached nearly 10 times in total? yes

did i accidentally make myself look like i shout at cashiers? unfortunately yes.

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i did it i can classify 19th century newspaper crime reports as the types of crime they cover now

why tf have i been treating that as an entity extraction task for a 1/3rd of my phd??

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its been an hour and i havent written a single line of pytorch yet

why tf do uk history research places store data in such weird formats that need an hour to write parsing code for

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i dont know what makes it dank yet but ill find out soon enough

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lmao remember when i paid actual real money on the domain woolly dot world just so i could have the subdomain yoshis dot woolly dot world but i gave the domain up after a year?

i hope its doing okay...

admittedly maybe going into a history phd with literally zero previous qualifications in history, not even gcse, was a mistake

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ive been writing up my first draft thesis for 3 months now and the deadline is in 9 days and im nowhere near done so this is fun academia is fun I Am So Glad I Stayed At Uni 🙃

windows uninstalled my audio drivers out of nowhere and now is keeping the new ones behind a restart wall and honestly fuck microsoft and fuck realtek

laptop manufacturers stop using realtek drivers in 2020 challenge

this account is now my face and not my fursona oh shit

ha ha neural networks go w1x1w2x2w3x3w4x4w5x5w6x6w7x7w

for 1 btc a month i will start posting on here again

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