hello yes hi whats up masto i forgot about here for like months what the fuck is up i got a bf and im not a sad gay anymore

hey yo masto hypothetically if my roof leaked rain water onto my laptop yesterday and completely covered it, how long would i hypothetically have to leave it in rice for?


Salt Is The Opposite Of Sugar Right So Like If I Just Pound The Same Amount Of Salt As 3 Pop Tart's Worth Of Sugar I Should Be Alright Again Right That's Like Algebra Or Something

Fkin Copernicus Over Here Doing Bare Math

hello yes hi this binch found pop tarts really cheap in town today and i bought them and i didnt realise how much sugar was in them and i just ate 3 of them send help

hello yes hi i did front of house training today and turns out i think i prefer it to being a lampie tbh which is weird because i was hella stressed out during soundcheck

cats like plain crisps

hey hi sup lads i got home from denmark earlier and it was nice there but it took me 16 hours and 5 trains to get home after because my flight home was delayed.

have you ever had to sit in an airport terminal for 5 hours straight with no phone because your battery died in copenhagen during your 4 hour delay there?

shit's bad.

okay but like...
imagine if i WASNT an anxious piece of shit who's close to cancelling their denmark trip because they cant figure out how airports work

okay so like.. my flights are online check in only, but i cant print the boarding passes from my phone at the airport or in denmark so do i just like.. check in now? 48 hours before the flight?? so i can print both passes at home???

charged my 3ds for the first time in over 2 years and and it's taken me ~40 minutes of software updates so far 🙃🙃🙃

its like 50 euros for a train from copenhagen into germany like i could maybe do this

theoretically, when im in denmark there's nothing stopping me getting a train to cologne and sneaking into gamescom 🤔

hello yes hi i am flying to denmark in 3 days and im scared because i havent flown anywhere in like 12 years???

A Man On Twitter Just Explained To Me That English Is Different In The US And UK Because Of Spelling Differences And Thank Fuck He Stepped In Unprovoked To Explain That To Me

I've Been Spelling "Colour" Like "Coulourgh" For So Long

my kink is putting all my music through audition's vocal remove filter so i can hear what the backing vocals sound like

lmao ive been tryna program a thing for the past few days but i have no idea how to use nodejs so im in a continuous frustrational loop

love opening a nice fresh email telling me i've been denied senior stage manager training.

love that.

love having my hopes for my dream job getting stopped in their tracks.

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