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me at 1am: gonna rewrite my whole site to not use bootstrap anymore

me at 3am: whats html

dont make me rebuild a wordpress multisite from scratch


not to moan about things too much i had a surprise 3 hour meeting today about completely rebuilding my uni's student news site from scratch over summer and i just... cannot articulate how much i do not want to do that.

hello hi im 23 in a single digit number of days and im not okay with this

hello hi its 3:14am and im having a panic attack over doing a phd this is fun

today on 'reasons why callum hates doing typography things': non-lining figures

i wish i was better at design stuff so i didnt have to spend an hour looking at fuckin fonts

i moved a chair in my room and the impact on the floor unseated my graphics card

today's Gay Crime Of The Day thats written on the window: "the mortifying ordeal of being known"

my housemate overheard people outside calling our house the gay house because we've written a bunch of gay shit on the window

hypothesis: the best mode of transport to be stranded in is a hot air balloon

points for:
- statistically likely to land in water
- limited fuel therefore at some point you will come back down
- balloon acts as a parachute on descent

points against:
- part of the vehicle is on fire under normal operation
- dubious buoyancy of the basket

hello yes hi i just had to remake 30 fuckin logos for uni

oh babey it's summer outside time to put all my apps in Light Mode

I want to be a lampie. I want to rig and cable up lights and program them and op them like that's all i want to do that's what i want my job to be and im so so close but nah my body's just here like "nah bro here's a 70 year old's back pain at 22 good luck lifting that flightcase onto the stage"

i just had to drop out of working stagehand for an actual proper band because i keep hurting myself working and then having panic attacks from how much i get hurt lmao????

i got bored watching tasbot but now i kinda wanna see if libtas that the commentator talked about can be used to make a sarsa learnt run of a game tbh

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