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second year in a row where i couldnt get to pride because the train station flooded

love that.


part of me wants to make an AD but i dont use masto enough on main to warrant me talking about dicks and kinks

I Wonder If UK Border Patrol Will Try To Stop Me Re-entering The Country When I Get Back Like They Did Last Year When I Went To Denmark That Was A Fun Moment

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tell me why i agreed to go to a furry con with my friends in august im not a furry i just Enjoy The Lifestyle

hello yes hi i got my degree results today and ya boi has a fuckin masters now

alright cool so it was the ethernet cable running across my window sill that's got too hot from the sun and the plastic's getting a lil melty

thats fun

something in my room smells suspiciously like electrical fire

but i cant find it

my touchpad suddenly lost the ability to two finger scroll

im in hell

part of me really wants to volunteer to do tech for pride in the park this year but also like... i kinda wanna actually go to pride instead of working through it


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kinda sad sgdq doesnt have an actual sonic block this year how could they do this to me

me at 1am: gonna rewrite my whole site to not use bootstrap anymore

me at 3am: whats html

dont make me rebuild a wordpress multisite from scratch


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not to moan about things too much i had a surprise 3 hour meeting today about completely rebuilding my uni's student news site from scratch over summer and i just... cannot articulate how much i do not want to do that.

hello hi im 23 in a single digit number of days and im not okay with this

hello hi its 3:14am and im having a panic attack over doing a phd this is fun

today on 'reasons why callum hates doing typography things': non-lining figures

i wish i was better at design stuff so i didnt have to spend an hour looking at fuckin fonts

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