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Sometimes I Forget I Have Mastodon For Months And Months On End And This Is One Of Those Some Times

duck sauce - barbra streisand
lamb sauce - gordon ramsay

what’s up masto i am sat in a salon rn with foils in my hair getting bleached to blond to complete my twink evolution

except im not forklift certified im just a thot

opinion: "ihr" in german should not mean that many things

i aint even learning german anymore im just playing to win

new duolingo league meta: dual wield stories windows bc this one fkin guy wouldnt let you finish 1st in the league

uni ranting, cont. 

i've done like well over 30 different designs so far, including two animated versions of the logo i had to learn after effects for

we had a venue walk through yesterday and it's literally where i work normally but no one gave a fuck when i said that rigging a uv cannon next to a video wall is a stupid idea

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uni ranting 

okay so turns out rebranding my uni's lgbt club night is the most draining and thankless task i've ever taken part in

we go live with it on monday and no one can decide on a design yet and im just here like the fuckin photoshop boi churning out design after design trying to appease them and it sucks

mastodon let me put symbols in my username let me be @&knxxgles cowards

it's like i get it you can tell which it is by if there's an accusative in there but like...

im bad at the accusative case...

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hello yes hi the fact that essen can conjugate to isst is something that's been seriously and consistently fucking up my duolingo streak i keep mixing it up with ist

at one point while in germany a shopkeeper asked me if i needed help and all i could do was yell across the shop to my actually german speaking friend to come help me speak

oh no

the friends i went to eurofurence with wanna go to nfc

i dont know swedish i barely managed with german oh no

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