@democraticconfederatedtimeline@bofa.lol @helldude omalley just wants to cum he doesnt care about what his partner wants

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@helldude im cranking it to omalley atm, typing with my left hand

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sometimes i like to remember that if martin omalley had won the presidency wed all just be hornily cranking our hogs to his dilfy photo ops instead of freaking out about trump tweets

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@smols@bofa.lol smooolls hi!!! 😍😍😍

brian and ed krassenstien you fucken dorks, where you at

drugs and sex are good and all but have you ever tried mixing the two and achieving a sense of personal validation

@skrrt_vonnegut@bofa.lol @LucyT doom is the shit. ive got everyone at my work listening to him cause I play it so much

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