*conjures the utmost in her*
"rcsmerge: warning: conflicts during merge"
*fails... screams.... flails*

Improving storage management is one of the goals I'm working on (mastodon.social/@pixelfed/1069)

Although you might never use it, the storage file browser will allow you to browse and manage media files stored locally!

Any web developer learned marketing and communication in their free time ? 🤓
RT @w3c
Our @w3c Head of Marketing and Comm, @koalie learned HTML in her free time in 1999.

When did you learn HTML? twitter.com/koalie/status/1438

We're pausing new feature development to focus on bug fixes.

Our main focus this weekend:
- Full 2FA Support (incl. mobile)
- Fix Missing Notifications
- Fix Comment Threading
- Storage Settings (fix media)
- 3rd party clients (mobile apps)
- Better postgres support

Apologies to anyone affected by these bugs and we appreciate your patience while we work on fixing them!

My hometown is pretty. After a , a . I photo documented boulevard du midi, the harbour, le Suquet, La Croisette, the other harbour, the Palm Beach and Mouré Rouge.


@dansup are you aware that for about a week now, the notifications page of @pixelfed has been empty? (pixelfed.social/account/activi in several browsers, on desktop or mobile)
It affects my two accounts (although it manifested too after a few days on the other one.)

Apparently the trauma of using can be real (and long lived!) 😜
RT @marcosc
To be fair, when I did further studies, I went straight to Word.

Latex can die in a trash fire - I mean, I don’t judge.

If Latex is your kink, and you hate your life/time/sanity/collaborators, that’s totally cool. 🙄😝 twitter.com/marcosc/status/143

In relationships, here are four things forgiveness DOES NOT do:

- Forgiveness does not wipe our memory.
- Forgiveness does not remove all the consequences of wrongdoing.
- Forgiveness does not rebuild trust.
- Forgiveness does not always result in reconciliation.

One thing forgiveness does do is it removes barriers. Healing requires the decision to forgive.

I need to remember this. A simple "I'm sorry "can sometimes be enough. And sometimes it's not enough.

Cette chronique est tellement bonne que je l’ai écoutée plusieurs fois !
J’ai aussi passé le podcast au ralenti pour ne rater aucune de ces excellentes vannes (mais ça donne à tout le monde l’air d’être ivre 😵) @WalyDIA siouplé, tu pourrais causer moins vite ? 🙏
"La seule chose que fait un politique, c'est ce qu'il a juré qu'il ne ferait jamais."

Nouvelle Chronique @franceinter
- Zemmour, Buzyn et chirurgie -

I asked my kid (14yo) what kind of job he'd see me in, if he didn't know about my job. He said he doesn't know about my job ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And that he'd see me either as a secretary or as an TV anchor person (╯°□°)

Donnez votre soutien à l'Initiative Européenne pour le Revenu de Base Inconditionnel.

SOUTENEZ ICI (en moins de 2 minutes) : eci.ec.europa.eu/014/public/#/

La France ne remplit pas encore son objectif !

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