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Kobi LaCroix @kobi_lacroix@mastodon.social

Commission for Hexadoodle, now 300% froggier!*

*rough estimate based on observations by scientists who may or may not have run screaming. mastodon.social/media/2HXffmvm

roses are red
violets are blue
that’s enough poetry
now let’s screw

“If I wasn't here, nothing would get done!”

“But nothing gets done when you *are* here!”

“True, but when I’m here, the nothing gets done properly!”

One of the best ways to ruin the credibility of any claim is to hire an infamous liar to be the first to voice it.

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Doctors getting testy with me, lecturing me on how many stomachs “humans” are “supposed” to have…

*edgy voice* Actually, fascists took over America in 1492.

I think I’m going to spend more time here and get away from the tiresome birdsite socialite games.

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Every so often I get mad at people who have shitty politics, and I have to remind myself that I once did fan porn for the Unfunny Gryphon.

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lewd multi Show more

“You know what’s depressing? I do all these furry commissions, but I can’t afford to have my own fursona drawn.”

“I hear Kobi LaCroix’s rates are super cheap. Why not commission him?”

“But, doctor, I am Kobi LaCroix!…also, you’re a vet, so why are we even discussing this?”

A hipster cerb basenji, a two-headed shiba playing beer pong, and Yuri the Russian spidertiger. mastodon.social/media/aQzSONkn mastodon.social/media/-Q8OD4H0

He’s enjoying it, but he knows he’s going to have to get back to work soon… mastodon.social/media/sd8P_Ra0

Fun fact: The words ‘otter’ and ‘hyrdra’ both come from the Proto-Indo-European ‘udros’, meaning “water creature”. mastodon.social/media/beARMXJh