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Kobi LaCroix @kobi_lacroix@mastodon.social

I’ve now created about 32 minutes’ worth of music in 25 days, which means NaSoAlMo is technically a success. The problem is that the music is mostly fragments and only a couple actual complete songs. I’m going to try to make something out of these fragments, but I honestly don’t think there’s going to be a proper album ready before the deadline.

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I’ve made a SoundCloud playlist of all the work I’ve done on my NaSoAlMo project so far:


It’s not very “synthwave”, but it is tremendously synth-heavy. Egregiously ’80s in places. I’m still getting a feel for what I can do in this particular medium/genre.

I really botched it last time I tried it, and I think maybe if I simplify my approach a bit, limit myself to a few set plugins/effects/instruments, I’ll have an easier time of it.

November is also National Solo Album Month (inspired by NaNoWriMo), and this year I’m going to try it. Today was a wash, but tomorrow I hope to actually get started.

I want to do something vaguely retro/synthwave, mostly instrumental. I don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. I’m really flying by the seat of my pants here.

Slight revision. I made a mistake and put the lava glow effects layer group underneath the lighting and shading group. mastodon.social/media/bJ6q8fuY

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Trying to get faster at inking.

Barry’s a nice guy, but he’s also one of the most competitive Ultimate Flying Plastic Disc players in the world. mastodon.social/media/bN4LFGQV

I really don’t like the way this site washes out grayscale PNGs.

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I should figure out how to do my own Mastodon instance at boob.tooth