Just a regular reminder that "punishable by fine" means "legal for rich people."

A lot of people imagine that socialism in North America will make everything drab and gray, but I imagine it being a vivid, joyous explosion of color and music.

She’s 100 feet tall, has seven heads, drools flaming acid, and her barks collapse buildings and bridges.

Sometimes I like to imagine Laika returning to Earth with alien technology and mutant powers and helping the dogs of the world build canine communism.

a video game where there's a werewolf infestation in a hotel and it later turns out that there's just a furry convention and the power has gone out for unrelated reasons

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You know what’s fun? When you’re watching someone give a speech, and the sign language interpreter is significantly more animated than the speaker.

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The existence of a minotaur suggests that there is an even larger maxotaur.

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“Never make fun of people for mispronouncing a word. It means they learned it by reading.”

anagram of “communist revolution” = “I love unicorn smut, Tom!”

anagram of “socialist revolution” = “I love Sonic tutorials”

Breaking my teeth on popcorn kernels because applying heat to food is authoritarianism.

TODAY'S HISTORY LESSON: the oldest known instance of a groupchat dates back to the 1880s.

In the 1880s, farmers discovered that they could connect their phones to their barbed wire fences, and create a rudimentary communications network. Up to 20 people could be connected at once, but due to the lack of any numbers, if you made a call, EVERYONE'S phone would ring. Many farmers found that this actually helped with the loneliness and depression associated with the isolation of farming.

I had another dream that I bit someone on the arm after they called me an “animal of low intelligence” for refusing to eat pork (I don’t eat pork, but for reasons that have nothing to do with religion)

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