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You’re a firefighter, eh? That sounds just like something a *fire* would say!

People who shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater are often secretly fire themselves.

Fed Feds fed fed Feds fed Feds.

“Have you actually done the research?”

*quotes nothing but Wikipedia*


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Please, if you like this toot, don't just favorite it, boost it!

In return I promise I'll collect all the replies, pick the cherries, categorize the lot... and toot about it for everyone to enjoy!

Deal? 👍

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More VHS Tapes I Own:
Depeche Mode Employee Training Video No. 3
Clamurai: An Undersea Martial Arts Adventure
It’s an Ayn Rand Christmas
Kate Mulgrew Makes a Salad and Then Eats It
The Solemn Decree of Marophab (melted but mysteriously reformed)
Let’s Bathe with Batman
Moon Glof
Teleportation for Coyotes
It’s Vladimir! Now What?

VHS Tapes I Own:
HIV, But for Robots
Gary, Part 2: Gary
Misery Loves Mayonnaise
Them Is!
Bolshevism: And? (But Quite!)
A Visual Tour of the Handbags We Made from Your Skin
Surviving the ’90s (melted)
Horses: When?
Ants: Still?!

I know everyone shudders at the thought of arachnocracy, but I’ve talked to the spiders, and they actually have some pretty solid ideas.

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I don’t even know Show more

Me to my neurosurgeon: Look, we both have a shared interest in removing this tumor, so why don’t we dispense with the purity politics and work on my brain together. Here, I brought scissors. I know they’re fabric scissors, but they’re better than nothing, right?

Located in the Portland, OR area, $320/mo rent, LGBT and 420 friendly

We’ve had a couple of roommates move out, one move in, and a potential roommate who was about to move in but ended up going back home instead. Looks like we have a room for rent now.