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Actually, the proper name is GNU/vagina.

From now on, I'm going to refer to Mastodon as “Boobytooth”

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In the future, when I see a “DEER XING” sign, I’m going to assume the X stands for kiss.

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So far my feed is queer communists and people who have strong opinions about synthesizers.

@melissasage So–and I might be oversimplifying here–there’s basically a paradox where you have to be somewhat bourgeois in order to effectively do a Marxism.

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@shoofle @LogicalDash My primary social media of choice is tumblr, and tumblr is... legendarily badly made. But the basic posting/following UX again is robust enough that it allows people who are tech-illiterate to grok it immediately.

Another way to put it: for-profit software is abstracted away from its "computer-ness" and code, while F/OSS, for both good and ill, tends to show its metaphorical circuits during use. That's a draw for some but super intimidating for other users.

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A site like Facebook has every incentive to make a good UX- because the people who use it are the product. They want peopl to use it so they can sell adspace, and they have legions of engineers dedicated to just that.

But Masto is one guy. It's just @Gargron and the handful of people who graciously help him out on Github. UX gets triaged out repeatedly because if it's "good enough" then there are other things that are higher priority

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Obviously not in terms of cash, but in terms of time and spoons. We who are currently users of Masto are primarily people who are one or more of 1. professional techies 2. computer hobbyists 3. reasonably well-off.

we can afford to spend time learning a counterintuitive interface and dealing with the occasional frustrations that go into learning a new platform. It's even kinda fun for us. But all that stuff has a different name: Bad UX design.

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I believe it was @creatrixtiara, a few weeks back, who pointed out that Masto, currently is pretty white. Despite some growth recently, that's still the case, and I think that it boils down to the same things: time and money. ironically, F/OSS, including Mastodon, is more expensive.

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So @gaditb and I were chatting on tumblr, and discussing about how it's odd that there isn't more of a general Left presence on F/OSS. There's a general lack of Leftist theorizing about the growth of technology in general and F/OSS in particular, despite the fact that it's a Marxist dream come true.

I think I have a good reason why tho-

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Wow. So I looked up the history of words for the impaired because why not.

Apparently the word cretin comes from French chrétien (Christian). The implication was people with impairments were "still Christian." Still human and deserving of dignity.

It went from being a plea for compassion and tolerance to offensive and gross.

That's really depressing.

I now have exactly 8,000 posts on the Bird Site. I can never post there again.

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franz liszt had a small clavichord-type thing built into the drawer of his office desk, made by bosendorfer mastodon.social/media/Y71gtajI

it sounded like this: youtube.com/watch?v=FqlXzvbpyb

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can I say that it's *really distressing* to hear POC say that they might as well leave mastodon.

Not distressing as in "I'm made anxious by hearing their complaint", (though it does make me anxious), "and wish I didn't have to hear their complaints"

It's distressing that we haven't made a space that listens to their voices and that things are bad enough that "I might as well go back to TWITTER" makes sense, like twitter is a more welcoming place for them.