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TERF, homophobic. Not just incidentally, it's actually their enforced ruleset.

#FediAdmin #FediBlock

please read - i was laid off work today; my workplace is closing today and it wonโ€™t reopen until at least apr 6; gonna reply to this with a donation link once iโ€™ve got one set up; please bookmark this post for reference if you would like to help me out; please retoot this post; thank you

Filling out a job application and get punched in the face with this question

- Don't worry, is intuitive, the user will know how to use it, no need to waste time in the instructions.

- User:

Another dead work day so guess I'll just be journaling for now.

Holding off on iPad for the time being bc I just got the giant sketchbook and I'm gonna GO HAM on it

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