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Milyen mas "kimondottan" magyar instance-ok vannak meg?

Amugy ha valaki ugy dont, hogy bevallalja a mstdn.hu-t, segitseget fel tudok ajanlani.

met a guy at Lowes today who quit his systems integration job 8 months ago, and he's much, much happier.

Closing this tab actually makes Firefox's RAM usage explode some more for several minutes. Up to 20GB right now.

Maybe I should go do some woodworking instead.

Great analogy from someone in a Hacker News thread:

“Facebook is like a stalker. Even if he only uses public information, like following you in the street and sitting down next to you in a cafe to listen in on your conversations, it’s still creepy, and it is not expected, even if you have the audacity to walk about and talk to people in cafes.”



It is not a special character, you fucking imperialist, it is my (first) last name.

@rain We care about your privacy, so please review this list of 4726 cookies that you need to manually disable. Oh, we are still tracking you without cookies anyway by the way. But as we said, your privacy is paramount to us.
-- 99% of websites out there --

reminded today of the time I was waiting for a bus in -4C (24F) weather, and a guy showed up to the crowded stop barefoot, in a soaking wet hospital gown, wrists in zip-ties, with a completely maniacal grin.
no one said a word.
he got on the next bus, and the bus driver took him away. ...presumably around the block to the security gate at the hospital.

Just uploaded my gpg public keys to the new
keys.openpgp.org server. keys.openpgp.org/about/news#20

`keyserver hkp://keys.openpgp.org` in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf then `gpg --send-keys <keyhash>`.

Watch the Flight Simulator announcement trailer! They're apparently using satellite imagery, and indeed it almost looks life-like:


nincs időm foglalkozni az mstdn.hu -val.
Akinek kell a domain sikitson es atirom az o nevszervereire.

oh my god
quebec translated KFC
it's PFK
poulet frit Kentucky

Újabb kísérlet kilépni, kitekinteni a buborékomból, de gondolom megint túl sok lesz nekem...

Egy-egy jó cikket olvasva felmerül a gondolat, hogy akkor kövesem a szerzőt, de látva a többi gondolatát azt hiszem jobb lenne egy az érdeklődésemmel rokon szűrt változatra feliratkozni, ha lenne olyan :P

Megfekszi a gyomrom a sok... túlzottan különböző világnézet, és visszatol a csigaházamba. 🐌

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