my entire timeline is just admins talking about their instance. maybe I have a certain type of friend heh

Just me or is "federated timeline" on other instances not tracking properly? It's very sparse

When you can't export your data for a new instance because the current one keeps dying

@Alda @Gargron

Gargron: " is struggling with all those new users, I hope the subscribing craze slows do--"

Anyone else use favourite button as "I saw your reply but I don't feel like replying"?

Was going to join to help with load but it keeps throwing 500s :disappointed_relieved:

When recommending to your friends, give the other instances some love too: It looks like is under even heavier load than yesterday right now

So I'm backing @Gargron now. But look, it took me 5m of digging to find out where. Don't be shy, put the patreon link right on the main page.

here's some shameless marketing (is this allowed?) –> my last book, "Android for iOS Developers"
– will help iOS developers find their way in the world of Android development. This e-book in PDF, HTML, EPUB and Kindle formats includes downloadable code files, with projects ready to build and execute.

Also interesting that after months of not hearing very much about mastodon, suddenly over the last few days it has blown up massively. What caused that?

Okay, with another influx of new people, here is again my article "Welcome to Mastodon: Here is what's different and why it's better" (I am working on a better in-UI onboarding process)

@Gargron Any plans on deploying end-to-end encrypted messages? This would be a nice feature.

(ex-Signal developer here)

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