Yesterday the Pittsburgh Penguins played with a patch on their shoulders; It makes me proud that they chose my Fabrikat for it! ❤️✡

How to draw beautiful shapes when you’re in a bad mood?

What an amazing Italienne in this children’s book from the GDR (1987)!

You see quite a lot of typefaces that look handmade, but this one actually is handmade – and really well done. Congrats, Felix!

Working on an update of Fabrikat also means collecting new German words for the infinite specimen ( Look forward to „Verunglimpfung“, „Geruchserinnerung“, „ausbaldowern“, „Vergangenheitsbewältigung“ and many more!

This carefully conceived and elaborated typeface for Africa shows how important type can be! ☞ |

“Look Papa, this is a 7, and if you turn it around, it’s a 2!”

4 axes, 4 hidden axes, 6 styles, 10 character variants, predefined instances with 2 optical sizes of each style … all in 1 font. ✌️
First beta version of Variable Libero is ready! Drop me a line if you want to give it a spin.

There are many reasons to read a book. That the typeface on the cover is from yourself is probably not the most common one …

Felix (9): “Papa, why does this say ‘Tege 1’?” My son! ❤️

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