Last week I went to 4 concerts of bands from 4 continents. This was what I dreamt of during the lockdown! 🎶🥰

This is cool: If you *have* to use Google Fonts, use instead of to retain privacy.
If you don’t have to: Avoid Google Fonts & support independent type foundries❣️

Great tip by Adam Twardoch/Twitter: “Oh, on you can use the search syntax insource:/ąg/ to search for the occurence of the »ąg« pair, and the stuff between the // can actually be a regex.”

The Museum of Endangered Sounds! 👂

Don’t say you didn’t know how to support more Latin languages!
Latin S–XL: Latin character sets for fonts that want to support more than the European languages.

This is an amazing explanation and analysis of segmented displays with some very original designs thrown in. Be sure to watch Posy's other videos on the subject.

FYI: I haven’t left Mastodon, I generally just don’t post much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Neu: GT Planar, designed by Dominik Huber/Grilli Type. I contributed some QA – which made me dizzy!

Yesterday the Pittsburgh Penguins played with a patch on their shoulders; It makes me proud that they chose my Fabrikat for it! ❤️✡

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