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Curious about what public administrations are doing with ? Our country intelligence reports examine open source software policies and initiatives in 42 (!) countries! 🌍

Read more on the European Commission's Open Source Observatory 🔍

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The government of Schleswig-Holstein will switch completely to open source, this means 25.000 clients with @Libreoffice@twitter.com and Open Document Format. Proud to represent @tdf@twitter.com in a meeting the digitalisation minister of SWH in Berlin

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@NokiaMobile@twitter.com After 3 years the still good Nokia 7 plus is EOL regarding updates. Is Nokia going to contribute to the e-waste problem or are you going to allow the bootloader unlock?

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Druk bezig met de bijdrage van @BeneluxMnet@twitter.com voor de 20

7 juli 11:10 een Nederlandstalige ronde tafel gesprek met @ankdierckx@twitter.com, @KeesKK@twitter.com, @koenr@twitter.com en @kbernaerts@twitter.com over de impact van Corona!

Heb je nog niet aangemeld? Mis het dan niet!

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Munich's flip-flop back to open source is the latest sign of Germany's political sea change over proprietary software. Linux, not Windows: Why Munich is shifting back from Microsoft to open source - again?


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