Finally, a brand-new design for my website. I redesigned everything new. Light and dark theme, screen dependent typography, grid, and spaces. Build with and hosted on

That’s the problem with all these platforms acting like publishers. Don’t fabricate arbitrary rules and then apply them randomly as you like. youdownloadtheappanditdoesntwo

I guess Mr Miyagi is also not a Karate master any more and mastery, in general, will go away. A pity George Carlin is dead … he would have had a few words for this virtue signalling and use of Euphemisms.

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Tech giants could use their billions to lobby against privatised prisons, police brutality, and put it into education and housing projects. But hey, let’s rename the master branch in Git, and be done with it for the week. We good.

LOL. Instead of just adding the possibility to control the speed in the app on Apple TV, you can send as a as a suggested feedback to please add the feature. So If I send this feedback every day from now on, will you add the feature?

It’s a shame how advertising made completely unusable. With an advertising to content ratio of 1:3 I use the app now in a monthly ratio of 1:30.

I just finished watching to the ~30 hrs lecture of “2017 Personality and Its Transformations (University of Toronto)” by The most interesting thing I’ve seen this year. Thank you for putting it up for everybody to see for free.


"By curating the feeds in your reader, you were curating your view of the world. And that was made up of hundreds or thousands of individual voices."


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