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Are you looking for a #FreeSoftware job? II

Sharing is very appreciated.


System76, the company behind Ubuntu and Pop_Os! computers from Denver, Colorado, U.S. established 2005, now opens several #jobs and IT #vacancies including full-stack web developer and #Rust software engineer.

🇺🇸 :system76: :popos: :gnu: :linux: :ubuntu: :opensource:

#system76 #computer #laptop #gnu #linux #opensource #career

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It's only a Monad if it's from the Monàd region of France. Otherwise it's just a sparkling monoid in the category of endofunctors.

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“By deplatforming fascists, you become a fascist.”

Yeah, well... to quote Eugen, “that doesn’t work on me.”

This time of year, when I was a kid, we ate a lot of ground cherries. Funny that they are trying to improve yields, they are basically weeds

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Friend: “Can send me some of your ab workouts?”
Me: “You want my Core Data?”
Former-Friend: “...”

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Looking for more moderators for mastodon.social (paid), DM me if you are interested.

If I find someone I will reply to this toot, so if you find this much later than now please check it for replies before applying.

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Hello! This is the new account for the upcoming Mastodon iOS client, Toot!.app.

Played Space Base tonight. First time play through, it was pretty fun.

"Community standards set the tone for the community that is built on them. "

A pluralistic and tolerant community is not the same as anarchy. FB seems to believe it is neutral, but I think they keep using that word (and I do not think it means what they think it means).



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