Alright, here it goes; my Patreon is what helps me make rent, work on new projects, and cope when depression hits because it helps me stay afloat.

I hope at some point it will let me afford mental health assessment and care, so if you dig my work and have $1 or $2 to spare a month you can check it out, every bit helps!

I can't update as reliably when bad brain is eating me up but I'm making progress towards a more reliable schedule. Thanks for checking it out!

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We're in the final week of guest art (also known as, the week of Von). @radogasy joins us today to celebrate our new friend!

β™› See the illustration now!

I think my favourite time of the day is when I get some good juicy comic drafts to edit and give feedback on ✨😊✨

taking masto for a trial spin, or new follower? sincerely glad to see you! There's a fair few artists already here, and we would love to hear from you with ~

Speaking of intros: I'm krad, a comic creator making IRON CROWN; a gothic dieselpunk comic with mercs, demons, & dictators, (oh my). ( (...If you're also here for slightly cheeky thirst art, well, that makes both of us!)

PS: use and as tags to get your work out. β™₯ Go wild!

some backgrounds for vainglorious chapter 5 πŸ‰ ✨

Alright I'm gonna post it here, too:

I'm feeling better and I'm having an emergency commission flash sale to myself jumpstarted:

$60 - Loosely inked Upper Body
$75 - Loosely inked Full Body
+ $15 for placing limited color

Prices are per character!

DMs and E-mail are open only for work inquiries.

E-mail is


Also I went to TopDesign yesterday and it was rly good! All the student works for each subject were super pro, I hope I can get in next year haha

Cleaned up some sketches for my folio and these two came out rly well! They're so pretty!!

I made a mailing list for IRON CROWN as a news/public art catch-all for those who want to phase out social media - check 'er out!


My contribution to the Persona 5 Shapeshifter zine πŸ•Ί

Back when I finished it, I already found the colors pretty meh and it's even hard to look at it now πŸ’¦ STILL! it's my very first zine and our mod is sooooo nice!

Vainglorious might be the only comic that makes me laugh on EVERY single page. I will never be prepared for Rei's face.

On that note, I wanna write a mini zine for comic creators about the technical sides to writing dialogue/conversations. Since there are so many factors and nuances that creators need to consider when aiming to write realistic conversations.

It's a bit of a far-away goal though, haha, since my English knowledge is still lacking and there's a lot more I need to learn!!

Every time I'm in English class, all I'm able to think about is 'how can I use this info for my comic editing work???''

There's worse ways to pass the time, sure.

new page! β˜… β˜… updates Mondays, rated T+!

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