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Finished exams, got shortlisted to Top Designs, finished all my projects, time to take a break!!!!!!!!!

just saw a trick-or-treater for the first time in my life?? I thought we didn't do that here in australia?????

I'm open for character commissions! DM or email me (see my bio) if you're interested or have any questions!


.q*゚+.*.q ~two page day~γ€€οΎŸ+..q*゚+

[ click here for the first: … ]

β˜… updates Mondays, rated T+!

⚠️ cw for guns, intense drama ⚠️



just submitted to TopDesigns!! Ahhhhh fingers crossed, really hope I get in!!!!!

In case you hadn't seen it, our anthology is now LIVE on Kickstarter :] One of the most fulfilling projects I've gotten to work on, so glad it's off and running!

Mamma Mia 2 

We're in the final week of guest art (also known as, the week of Von). @radogasy joins us today to celebrate our new friend!

β™› See the illustration now!

I think my favourite time of the day is when I get some good juicy comic drafts to edit and give feedback on ✨😊✨

taking masto for a trial spin, or new follower? sincerely glad to see you! There's a fair few artists already here, and we would love to hear from you with ~

Speaking of intros: I'm krad, a comic creator making IRON CROWN; a gothic dieselpunk comic with mercs, demons, & dictators, (oh my). ( (...If you're also here for slightly cheeky thirst art, well, that makes both of us!)

PS: use and as tags to get your work out. β™₯ Go wild!

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