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Cleaned up some sketches for my folio and these two came out rly well! They're so pretty!!

I made a mailing list for IRON CROWN as a news/public art catch-all for those who want to phase out social media - check 'er out!


My contribution to the Persona 5 Shapeshifter zine πŸ•Ί

Back when I finished it, I already found the colors pretty meh and it's even hard to look at it now πŸ’¦ STILL! it's my very first zine and our mod is sooooo nice!

Vainglorious might be the only comic that makes me laugh on EVERY single page. I will never be prepared for Rei's face.

On that note, I wanna write a mini zine for comic creators about the technical sides to writing dialogue/conversations. Since there are so many factors and nuances that creators need to consider when aiming to write realistic conversations.

It's a bit of a far-away goal though, haha, since my English knowledge is still lacking and there's a lot more I need to learn!!

Every time I'm in English class, all I'm able to think about is 'how can I use this info for my comic editing work???''

chinese creatures 

chinese creatures 

Hey Toronto! I’m at TCAF, Table 286 with a new zine! πŸΊπŸ’“πŸ¦‡

Chapter 3 of Vainglorious has just wrapped up! It's the perfect time to catch up and share the comic with a friend!

β™› Read now:


I just realised...Cloud Strife's name, pretty much means 'heavenly battle' which is super awesome and I honestly should've noticed sooner

So my birthday is this week, and I decided to do a sale to celebrate it and the coming spring!

May 1-8, 2018, use promo code LUOQ0YBV for 10% off any order (art prints with or without frames, art cards, phone cases, etc) from my INPRNT store.

Does anyone know what those 3D cardboard cutout thingos are called?

Like, kinda similar to origami but you cut it out and fold it together. The same stuff as nintendo Labo??

The free sketchbook and $3+ May sketchbook are both now available for download on Patreon:

It's only Day 2 and we're almost halfway through the first goal! Thank you!!

feeling burnt out so you get the ol’ standby.

(bonus points to whoever actually knows where he's from. :P )

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