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maybe I'm just extra sensitive or just missing certain people these days

but being left on read ✔️✔️ has me feeling a way now

the existence of the Group of Friends (in Defense of the Charter of the United Nations)


implies a Group of Enemies. I think we all know who they are

There are many things other islands can give Jamaica grief for. The use of a floating exchange rate regime is *not* one of them

your PSA/reminder that George Floyd was a Houston rapper back in the day (warning: YouTube link)


at least one of my grad school profs is a socialist so I have NO issues going full ☭ /✊🏿 / ⚧️ in my papers

this account celebrates Black History from 1 February to 31 October

if the GME short squeeze turns out to be a convoluted viral marketing campaign I am going to die of laughter

corporate cultures down here stress me enough that the uncertain world of freelance is still worth going into

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history/slavery poll 

When you were in grade school did you discuss the fact that all those celebrated Ancient Greek societies were slave societies?

Feel free to elaborate in the replies.

Twitter being arbitrary about which fascists get moderated and when with the ban makes me appreciate the fediverse more

like I know *why* it happens, but the way Keynesianism 🌹 and Marxism-Leninism ☭ are about the same age and both influenced policy for a major portion of the world but only Keynes gets a fair shake in the Western academy still blows my mind

it is most definitely a goal of mine to push usage/mkt share of the following up to 25% in the Caribbean by Q4 2030:
- free/open source operating systems (e.g. Linux distros),
- OpenDocument Format, and
- non-Chrome/Edge/Safari browsers

I'd definitely be more motivated if the programme had Marxists or even just ONE heterodox in faculty

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No matter how hard this Econ MSc gets, I will always be motivated to know my enemy

if you still want to run swfs ( files), you can get the content debugger for now adobe.com/support/flashplayer/

also this is your reminder to get as many swfs as you can before 2020 ends

- Duckduckgo for search,
- (unofficial) academic access,
- SEP/IEP for philosophy,
- MIA/marx2mao for ☭,
- archive.org, and
- database literacy

what *do* I need Wikipedia, YouTube and Google for?

if I didn't know how trolls can be and didn't think it could be nefariously mined, I'd want to crowdsource a grocery bill database just so we in Jamaica could have a decent CPI basket

used a temp email I lost on vis so here I am lololololo


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