Black Hat: GDPR privacy law exploited to reveal personal data - BBC News:

@vesterby for mig var det Prop og Berta og Tyttebøvserne der gjorde det. Kunne ikke lytte til den alene, skræmte mig fra vid og sans 😁

Ovre på Bries Blog-O-Rama ( kan du læse mere om Tintin lydbøgerne, og om skuespillerne der lagde stemmer til. Jørn Rose og Peter Kitter var selvsagt mine favoritter, da de spillede Tournesol og Haddock respektivt.

Det er blot to af mange af deres lydbøger der er tilgængelige. Mine favoritpersoner var nok Tournesol og Kaptajn Haddock. Tournesol fordi alting altid gik galt for ham, og Haddock fordi han havde de bedste svadaer.

Har for nylig opdaget at Tintin's lydbøger er tilgængelige på dansk på både Spotify og Google Play Music. Har nydt at genhøre "Flight No. 714 til Sydney" ( og "Krabben med De Gyldne Kløer" (

What Went Wrong With The World Wide Web – And How We Can Fix It Should This Exist? podcast:

It's a few years ago since @hellolattis blocked me on twitter. This was because I asked them when they were going to ship me the product I had paid for. After not having had any replies on any emails to them for 2 years, they suddenly processed my refund 2 weeks ago.

Great to see Carlton Jumel Smith on the list of best soul on Bandcamp, May 2019 - Seba Kaapstad's Thina is also a great listen, haven't checked the others out yet.

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The best open source projects realize the importance of the community and treat it as their greatest asset.

I can't take all the credit for :pixelfed:, its a community project with many contributors and contributions. ❤️

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I hate laundry. Like why are there so many steps? Why can’t clothes put themselves away?

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What do you think of the new mobile UI?

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