Want Fira Code as your terminal font in the ChromeOS terminal? Easy steps to follow here: github.com/tonsky/FiraCode/wik. It does require that you install Fira Code first but that's just a packet manager command away: github.com/tonsky/FiraCode/wik

En udgivelse fra 2021, som jeg først er blevet opmærksom på nu (h/t @thomasboevith).

"Joie de Grineren" af Skiven og Emilio Hestepis. Dansk rap har da ikke fuldstændig mistet charmen, og Pis bliver ved med at bevise det. soundcloud.com/skiven-pis/sets

Interessant artikel fra Torben Sangild. Der sker flere og hurtigere ændringer i vores biologi end jeg havde troet. "Nej, du har ikke en stenalderkrop. Menneskets evolution går nemlig afsindig stærkt for tiden" zetland.dk/historie/seEljK62-a

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Facebook is showing #Australia what happens when you rely on an unaccountable corporation for essential public services.

Yes, we need to switch to #ProtocolsNotPlatforms. These are natural monopolies; competition naturally disappears, they need to be public.

Ditch Facebook + Instagram + Google + Zoom etc., of course. Then stop relying on some corporation to provide it. Use (and build) #federated systems owned and operated by the people, not by profit-seekers.


What are some good forks of Chromium out there, that gives different/better/enhanced browsing experience from Chrome? I'm aware of Bromite and Vivaldi. What other ones should I check out for a different take on browsing?

Updated to the latest version of Known. Long overdue.

Fuck, I love this. window-swap.com. Look out of someone else's window for a change, a nice change, at the moment. This is what makes the internet great!

This tool for house hunting (UK only for now, it seems) is amazing: househunt.site
Great work @elxsy 👍

Oliver O'Brien's presentation from cycling@tea-time seminar on the impact of the lockdown on bikeshare in London, the UK, and the world in general: oobrien.com/2020/05/lockdown-a

Watched "Chair Times" today, a documentary discussing the development of the chair from 1807 until today. From luxury good, to functional object, to an art statement and back to luxury again. Well worth watching vitra.com/en-gb/page/chair-tim. Via @kottke

Tasty and friendly pedal-delivered beer from @brockleybrewery. Not my first delivery, not my last i.imgur.com/eJRMCJc.jpg

I resurrected my old blog from the death of a PHP upgrade. I haven't updated it since 2013. It has a blogroll that I haven't updated in at least as long. I went through some of the sites I have on it They are still great sites. I like that smell of old handcrafted websites.

The makers of Spike just opened up for their free and secure video call service. I have yet to try it, but it sounds good. No app necessary, no account needed, just your browser and some participants: spikenow.com/blog/free-video-c

Good Cop / Rad Cop made a song about the hand sanitizer grifter from Tennessee, and it's fantastic 👍 Home quarantine at its finest: youtu.be/mBrYDoe6HMk

“For the public to hear that it could last for 12 months, people are going to be really upset about that and pretty worried about that”, said Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia."

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