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Facebook is showing #Australia what happens when you rely on an unaccountable corporation for essential public services.

Yes, we need to switch to #ProtocolsNotPlatforms. These are natural monopolies; competition naturally disappears, they need to be public.

Ditch Facebook + Instagram + Google + Zoom etc., of course. Then stop relying on some corporation to provide it. Use (and build) #federated systems owned and operated by the people, not by profit-seekers.


What are some good forks of Chromium out there, that gives different/better/enhanced browsing experience from Chrome? I'm aware of Bromite and Vivaldi. What other ones should I check out for a different take on browsing?

Updated to the latest version of Known. Long overdue.

Fuck, I love this. window-swap.com. Look out of someone else's window for a change, a nice change, at the moment. This is what makes the internet great!

This tool for house hunting (UK only for now, it seems) is amazing: househunt.site
Great work @elxsy 👍

Oliver O'Brien's presentation from cycling@tea-time seminar on the impact of the lockdown on bikeshare in London, the UK, and the world in general: oobrien.com/2020/05/lockdown-a

Watched "Chair Times" today, a documentary discussing the development of the chair from 1807 until today. From luxury good, to functional object, to an art statement and back to luxury again. Well worth watching vitra.com/en-gb/page/chair-tim. Via @kottke

Tasty and friendly pedal-delivered beer from @brockleybrewery. Not my first delivery, not my last i.imgur.com/eJRMCJc.jpg

I resurrected my old blog from the death of a PHP upgrade. I haven't updated it since 2013. It has a blogroll that I haven't updated in at least as long. I went through some of the sites I have on it They are still great sites. I like that smell of old handcrafted websites.

The makers of Spike just opened up for their free and secure video call service. I have yet to try it, but it sounds good. No app necessary, no account needed, just your browser and some participants: spikenow.com/blog/free-video-c

Good Cop / Rad Cop made a song about the hand sanitizer grifter from Tennessee, and it's fantastic 👍 Home quarantine at its finest: youtu.be/mBrYDoe6HMk

“For the public to hear that it could last for 12 months, people are going to be really upset about that and pretty worried about that”, said Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia."

Watched Kevin Freeney talk about TerminusDB and Rosemary Orchard speak about the benefits of the IndieWeb at this mornings remote only Keynotes . After some site introductions, afternoon sessions are now being planned

All gas no brakes is my new favourite YouTube channel. Early 2000s local TV channel voxpop flavours, surreal interview subjects, and somehow there's always somebody rapping in it:


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